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Join Date December 10, 2003
Status AWOL
Position Moderator
Birthday dunno lol
Gender Female
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When Midnight first joined the forums she was known as Midnight9795. The majority of her posts were made on this account. She also had a noteable fued with RRWD during this time. It was in this time she also befriended Osmose and Saikar, and became a sort of advisor to Sai. For whatever reason (probably forgot her password or something, not sure) the account Midnight9795 stopped being used on July 16th of 2006. Since that time she has been simply, Midnight.


Midnight for some time had been a form of advisor to Saikar, and by Sai's own words had been requesting a modship position. Rather unceremoniously Midnight became the moderator to Test and Welcome and All of All. Some questioned the sudden jump to modship at first, but most concerned were put to rest when Saikar explained that he had given her the position because she had requested it, and that he would rather have someone who actively wanted the job doing it than someone who was elected by others. (need thread located) At one point in late 2006 Midnight gave up her modship of Test and Welcome so that mod elections could once again be held. The winner of her position was MrMister.

Absence on Charas

On December 15th Midnight created a thread explaining that she was having some problems with her mom and that she might not be around for a while. She explained that she shouldn't be gone much longer than a month. To this date she still has not returned to Charas. Though it should be noted that it has only been about a month and two weeks since she left.

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