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Starscape was the name of Red Giant and White Dwarf's website. And was home to them and a few other Charas members.


The Comic

The Star-Scape comic was made of short histories (usually 3 or 4 panels) about Red, and undead skeleton, trying to become an evil entity. The humour was around how a evil lord lives his life, from everyday troubles to contracting henchmen.

The comic was last updated in April, 2005, left unfinished.

Although the title might sugest so, the comic is not set on space.

The Site

The Star-Scape site was orginaly made as a place for Red giant and White Dwarf to host both Games and Gaming resources for the RPG Maker, then later used to host the comic, and forum. Although, during the third reconstruction of the site Red stopped using the internet, leaving it unfinished, and so now doesn't host either the Games or Resourses, and it's soul purpose is to link to the forums, and hoast the comics.

The game

Red Giant probably brought the most attention to the site by the release of a short music video he made using the RPG maker, This showed how Charas would be overtaken by StarScape using a song to the tune of Nirvana's "smells like teen spirit" with the lyrics replaced with the words to "All your base." Copys of the game is still hoasted on starscape, although not directly linked, and it is said White Dwarf has the orginal floppy with it on somplace.

The game The Topic

It's not Red singing.

The Forum

Even though it has never shined brightly, the Star-Scape forums have never died. Some loyal members (6 or 7) still go there, most of them came from Charas. Established on the 26th Aug 2004.

Orginaly made as a place to talk about RPG maker projects, and a place to request and give resourses, it has been changed to be more of a gamers site, still focusing more on the insainity of it's few members, and the awesomeness of Britain.



Red Giant, White Dwarf, Black Hole


Drace, Xen


  • Most recently, 70% of the posts on the forums is composed by bots. It's kinda fun to see what they write, really.
  • Starscape forums have just recently got over 666 members.
  • A Razor account has been made around three times by differant members in an attempt to draw him here.
  • Drace, recently made a Global Mod, has been banned twice,

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