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Join Date Jun 2003
Status Banned
Position Former Moderator
Birthday June 5, 1991
Gender Male
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kAiRoU, who preferred his name be spelt “Kairou”, was a young member of Charas who became a graphics editor as a way to gain support for his own projects. He became a moderator and founder for the Charas Project Official Magazine Team. After the pop incident, Kairou seemed to snap, posting his password, while still a moderator, in the forums. This angered Alex, and he immediately fired Kairou from being a moderator. Later, Kairou spammed the forums, which ultimately resulted in him being banned.


Contribution to Charas

Kairou submitted a few Resources to the Complete Resources and to the Generator. One of the things he was commonly seen doing was offering his skills as a Resources Editor. This skill resulted in him joining the VG Reapers. There he conceived the idea of a real world magazine, first based on the VG Reapers, and then on Charas Project itself.

Though the magazine was never been fully successful, constantly being revived for one-shot issues, he is stil remebered as the founder of the team.

Lighting Half Dozen

After being banned, Kairou took some time off, where he became a writer on Deviant Art. After a while he returned to Charas Forums under the name Lighting Half Dozen, commonly known as L6. However, he appeared every now and then on a count of a grammer error, one of his most notixable weaknesses.

When registering his new account, he intended to to be Lightning Half Dozen, but he skipped the 'n', which went unnoticed. Apparently, he was not even aware of this for some time, and continued attempting to log in with the Lightning instead of Lighting. When he found out, he nearly made a whole new name, but was already to attached to L6.

During this time, he also made several threads in the Games Forum, each one containing an unfinished project. He constantly claimed that it was because he rarely got support from the community for his orginal and unique conceptions.



One of Kairou's best friends was darkfox, who aided him for much of the begining of Kairou's time on Charas. However, after the pop disaster, the two began to clash on several occasions.

Kijuki Magazaki

Kairou said they were close friends, though this may have only been a result of their shared friend, Darkfox.

Ghost Clown

The two must have been close, as it was Kairou who not only suggested that he Ghost Clown Become a Moderator, but he also started working on a Game with "Ghost Clowns" invading a circus-inspired "Clown Town". As with the rest of his games, the project was dropped.

Age Confusion

Though he acted much younger, Kairou was thirteen when he joined Charas. For some time, it was trully unclear how old he was, and some labled him as the youngest member of the Charas Forums. This was not true, though most younger users never stuck around as long as he did.

One of the reasons for the confusion was that he would constantly play small pranks on Darkfox, saying he was much older, a women, and even claiming to be his older brother, reporting Kairou's real world death. Kairou is now probably alive and around the age sixteen.

Clashes, Fueds, and Silly Arguments


See above.

Asakura Hao

For some strange reason, Asakura either worshiped Kairou or hated him deeply. When Kairou returned as L6, he didn't quite like this. The two argued constantly.

Other Names

zin the maker

Used as a form of redemption. It didn't work and he was banned again. Interestingly, this was the account he did most of his spamming. The 'kAiRoU' account was banned along with this one.

Lighting Half Dozen

See above.


Created using the e-mail account of the original magazine team. It has never been used to post (therefore it was not banned), and only appeared on the day it was registered. Because of the e-mail account used, it is most likely that it was created by a friend, or even by Kairou himself.


Came back recently to bitch about how he dislikes the Charas community once again, but then left shortly afterwards.

Falling Out

Kairou made his final goodbyes as a user named Brieg, where he made a subtle "vow of silence" from Charas-Project as well as all related or similar sites. His final words to many of its members were given to his once friend Darkfox. These words were: "I'm through playing with foxes."

He still remains active on deviantART, however.

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