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The Charas Project Official Magazine Team . . . Who are they and what is this magazine? Is it still in production? Who heads it? What's it about?
All these questions and a few more will be answered . . .

Version 1

The first magazine version was headed by kAiRoU, with members Kijuki Magazaki, Moiledzep, and Jerachiz. Member SonicFreak also seemed to have played a part in it. A first issue was never released.

Version 2

In early 2005, Osmose revived the magazine with a fifteen page issue as a first release. He never screated a second issue, but the single one he did create was fantastic. It included interviews with various members, and a special article on Lord Raffles.

Version 3

Revived around June of 2005, Legendary Troy created his own version of the magazine. Members included Rune of Punishment, InsaneJP, and ScarfaceLarry. ZeroKirbyX designed a demo cover for issue 2, but it was never released.
Issue 1 contained interviews with Kijuki Magazaki, Robotam, and a special article about what makes a noob.

Current Version

The current version of the CPOM is run by Fortet.


Vol. I Iss. I
Vol. 1 Iss. 2

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