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The majority of games that have been created on charas project are games made with RPG Maker 2003. Among these are several famous games, most of which are no longer being updated, though presumed to still be in the making.

Popular RPG Maker Games

From what I've seen, the most popular games on the site are Ace Of Spade's "Omega Seal", Linkforce's "Carpe Diem", Admin SaiKar's "Control Of Destiny",Dragonium's "Radiance", and Drenrin's "Ghosts Of Heart Lake". Most haven't been completed, but some rather large demos have been released of each. I'll provide a brief quality review of each:

Omega Seal: Created by Aceofspades and Warxe_PhoenixBlade, it's a game that features original plot, characters, and systems. I have heard a lot about the coding being changed around to have a custom battle system, but I havn't seen any proof of this via screens or demos. The graphics are good, using mostly unedited rudra tilesets and charasets. Ace, who does the majority of the game making, is a great mapper. Warxe, who is the majority coder and spriter, has made some great charasets for the game as well.

Carpe Diem: Created by Linkforce and aided by countless others, it appears to be a good game. Though, the quality of its graphics and screenshots can be misleading, I've been assured that it is a great game. It has very detailed character sets with several poses for each character. He also uses exquisite battle characters in his fights, and attempts to create special abilities in the DBS for each of his characters.

Control Of Destiny: I know little about this. All I know is that it's made by a highly respected member, and that most of the resources were made with the charas generator/RTP. It has recently turned tactics, where the new CBS and screens look very promising. Also, SaiKar's friend Osmose, who is also a respected member of the charas forum, helps his friend with whatever he needs.

Radiance: Created by Dragonium, it is much like Linkforce's game in the form of quality. I personally think that the mapping is better, as well as several of the systems (Such as job classes, custom run into enemies, ect) and the fact that he uses a small CMS in his game. He builds the characters up well also. He uses great sprites and poses in both battle and out of battle, which is why I compared his game to Linkforce's.

Ghosts Of Heart Lake: Created by Drenrin, another good game with a lot of promise. Has mostly completely custom music and character sprites, which is impressive so to say. Has a deep and interesting plot, with characters that come and go as shift as the wind, but leaving impressions on your mind as deep as a family member's death. Yeah. He's currently trying to make a new Magic learning system as well as a job class system, though most of the details haven't been released.

All of the above have been being worked on for a long period of time with little restarting or stopping to rethink ideas. They've released a demo each and trailors, each of which are fantastic and really make you want to play the game.

Popular Demos

All of the above are popular games, but here are the popular tech demos:

Meiscool's "Metal Tears", Chaotic Death's "LoZ", and Dragon Blaze's "Customizable CBS".

Metal Tears: Created by Meiscool, he released two different versions of the game. One was a battle demo, the other, a puzzle demo. Several people have told him that he did a wonderful job with both, creating a fast paced, quick, hard, but fun custom battle system, as well as nice, original puzzles that weren't to hard, to easy, to duh, or to mind boggling. Sadly, his game was recently deleted, so he has decided to start back at square one.

LoZ: Created by Chaotic Death, it's a Zelda fan game that showed promise. He used a lot of sprites from the actual game, and coded attacks and weapons from the actual game as well. It was pretty much like the actual Legend of Zelda, only his had tiled based movement rather than pixel-by-pixel.

All Purpose CBS: Created by DragonBlaze, it's a game where you use the CBS already made by DragonBlaze to make your own CBS. Though it hasn't been released yet (I assume), it has been tested for bugs, and I'm guessing that DragonBlaze is still in the process of fixing the bugs.

Things I've Forgotten

I'm sure that there are several great games and tech demos that I didn't mention, but I've only been here a year and a half, so I don't know all the great games. If you know one, feel free to add it in.

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