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The Forum Gaming forum is located in the Off-Topic section. It is one of the most popular forums in the Charas Forums.



The Forum Gaming section of Charas is where most of the off-topic word or picture games are held. The word "most" is used because RPs are held in their own section, and the occasional game gets by in All of All (this is rare, since they are usually moved to the appropriate section by a mod very quickly or just barely manage to pass themselves off as acceptable).

Popular Games

See the Forum games and RPs category for more information.

Many games have come and gone in the time that Charas has been up, and some continue to survive after years of activity. A good example would be the current Charas Pub, which is dated back to August 15, 2004. Other popular games would be the Topic kicking game, which dates December 30, 2005 (this game is also one of the few non-stickied topics that are immune to the no-topic-kicking rule). There are even a few reappearing games that show up for a fairly short period of time, die down, and are reborn as a new topic, and these would include The Big Emerald, Guess the MIDI, and Avatar Wars (although the second and third were exponentially less populated). There are also a wealth of "questionnaire" games, such as What is the Blob?, 20 Questions, and Which Beat What?

Posts in Forum Gaming

Originally, posts made in the Forum Gaming forum were considered "normal", but due to the vastly inflated post counts of members (such as Darkfox), Alex made a special Forum Gaming post count. They still count towards a member's total post count, though.

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