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The infamous Charas Pub (not to be confused with the PUB) is a forum game that, while technically an RP, is situated under the regular forum games portion of the forum. This is one of the more popular games on the forum, mostly because of its high levels of comedy, freeform character development, and total user control over all current characters in the pub. The actual setting for the pub is in (but not limited to) a pub owned by Razor in an undetermined part of the world where anything can happen (and it often does).


Although in the past there have been deaths often coinciding hysterical and unrealistic means or flat-out murder, no person has ever actually stayed dead, and death is often overseen as an overrated state of being. Common jokes and running gags in the pub would include Razor's bacon, an item treasured by the beloved pub owner for irrational reasons; Drace's somewhat maniacal obsession with sex and sex-related activities, often expressed in a back room, closet, or restroom area; illogical plays on words or rearrangement of letter/numbers/definitions (such as a fairly recent switching of the letters 'U' and 'A' or the theft of the letter 'E'); and an exaggerated form of Meiscool's dislike for noobs and noobish questions; and Tomi's randomly placed *fart*s.

Major Characters

As of now, the major characters in the Charas Pub include Archem2, Meiscool (although threats have been made to leave due to recent activities, they were not followed through with), Warxe_PhoenixBlade, Tomi, Grandy and Razor (although as of late, Razor's parts have been used in proxy). Other users who are often looked down upon for their nonsensical and often unwanted posts include Darrellito (although he claims to have removed himself), elementalhero76, and Big_Duke (who seems to have gone under the radar recently). Famous people (real or not) also sometimes appear in the Pub, most of them doesn't stay there for long, though it is know that Zero (from Megaman X series) lives there, and is usually drunk and fighting.

Old major characters include:

Popular Story Arcs

Throughout the history of the Pub, there have been several story arcs ranging anywhere from the total destruction of the Pub via nuclear blast to the characters being tortured in Hell after being killed. While most of these stories don't last very long (usually only a couple of pages), they do show off great levels of creativity and the freedom to elaborate an nearly everything. One such example would be the exploration of a clich├ęd RPG-styled dungeon found inside the head of another member where a large part of the cast explores for stereotypical dungeon items, such as a blue key that's used to open the lock on a blue door. As another example, in one arc, the door to the bathroom turned into a time-space gate, which could make people travel in time and distance, as most of the Pub's arcs, no explanation what so ever was give to explain the fact.

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