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Join Date August 15, 2005
Status Normal member
Position Senior Member
Birthday About half of December, date unknown to many
Gender Male
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Joining Charas

Meiscool joined Charas on the 15th of August, 2005. At the start of his membership, Meiscool was slightly different than what he is today. Back then, Meiscool's personality could best be described as overly literal, balantly obvious, and needlessly critical. Today, he's grown a bit of a sense of humor, and has nearly lost all of these traits.

Clashing personality

Meiscool totally pissed off Archem and vice versa. But they're totally cool now. In related note, Meiscool is considered a horrible and awful bane among n00bs, often being critical and harsh to them. He usually stops this personality when they smarten up and stop being n00bs. Or if they leave.


Meiscool has often claimed himself to be a female. To put it simply, it started as a simple joke back in the year of 2005 (or 6. I forgets.) He simply changed his gender to female. Though the older members knew he was male, newbies and n00bs often called Meiscool a she, and other silly things happened. The older members laughed at the silliness of this. The reason that he had stopped for a period of time was because after a bit of an abscense, one of the newer members was worried about where Meiscool was, and made a thread asking where he could be. It caused a bit of an uproar among the members. When Meiscool came back, he clarified that he was, indeed, a man, and so turned his gender back to male. Recently, he's been claiming that he's female again. Meiscool is a male. Remember that, alright?


He and ZKX are on unusual terms. Sometimes, they share the same views, and other times, they're bickering between eachother. Those silly fools.

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