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Grandy Eagleye
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Grandy is a brazillian student who just happenned to like RPGs, this, combined to the fact he'd just learned a few lessons of english and needed to perfect it, made him join Charas. Although he doesn't contributes a lot for character and resources, he contributes a lot in criticizing.



Grandy, the non-real Grandy, is a classic RPG Thief, originally he even had the Final Fantasy Tactics thieve's uniform, recently being changed for a blue pants (with more pockets than necessary), a white shirt, a bandanna, and a huge green cape. Other acessories, such as sunglasses, are seen sometimes, though mostly not. Physically, Grandy is really slim and not too tall. Has short green hair, which form spikes to behind his head.


The Small Lord

Grandy's real name is Lord Grandeivous, son of a powerful and feared man which only thought about money, even after Grandy's birth, he only thought in Grandy as someone who'd take his imperium and perpetue it. A few years after Grandy was born, his mother became terribly ill. The closest hospital was recently destroyed (thanks to Grandy's dad, who wanted the terraim to construct a mall) and the local doctor couldn't do much for the poor woman. She died few weeks before the illness got her, though Grandy was too small to remember anything.

His father was never home, so Grandy had to find another paternal figure, thus he met a merchant, MooseTroop11, who claimed to have know his great grandfather. Grandy was too young to questionate how could anyone be so old, but he saw in the merchant a friend and someone he could trust in.

The Homeless Peddler

As the years passed, Grandy started to see even less of his father, the later stoped even appearing in his birthday, or would only come at late of night and go away before the sun rise.

One day, Grandy's father questioned who was that merchant that lived near the house. He and the merchant already knew each other(MooseTroop had been watching over the familly tree ever since Grandy's great granfather, although his father had, still young, kicked him away from the home), but to him it was as important as the buttler he was asking now.

Upon discovering that he was MooseTroop, and remembering about him, he prohibited Grandy to ever talk with MooseTroop again (he remembered MooseTroop usually talk about peace and iguality, and those are definatelly not two things his son needed to know if he was going to take care of his imperium).

This resulted in a fervorous discussion, in which Grandy ran away from home, swearing never to be alike his dad.

It must be said, though, that this young Grandy, or rather, Grandeivous, wasn't like nowadays Grandy at all. To begin, he was considarebly fat, a life as a rich kid will do you that, secondly, he whore noble clothes, thirth, his hair was divided in half, not at all as his hair nowadays, and lastly, his hair was black, not green (SHOCK!).

Most of these details were changed as soon as he started living in the streets, after a few weeks with no food at all, he was considerably slimmer, the noble cloths, even if pretty, soon became rags, making him buy, with the money he got peddling, the cheapest shirt in the store, his hair, even if now spiked, continued black for a while (SHOCK!). Eventually, Grandy noticed that he wasn't going to survive much more by peddling, so he passed on to thievery...

The Green Caped Thief

...only to discover that bad luck is limitless. The first person he tried to steal from was a thief himself, Okneoth was his name, he and his gang were going to teach Grandy a lesson for his audacy. That's when Grandy discovered a great ability of his: He can run. Fast.

Although the discover was welcome, the rejoicing didn't last long, as after 10 seconds of perseguition, he collapsed and fainted of hunger. Okneoth, feeling piety on the deplorable state of Grandy, took him to his hideout and feed him. He then, took Grandy under his wing, teaching him on how to steal.

Okneoth, it should be said, was an elf, a green haired elf, with a long, green elvish cape.

Life was good in the hideout, after the initial shock, Grandy quickly found his place amongst the gang. One day, though, Grandy was caught while stealing, and was shot in the back.

His condition was getting worse, and there was no hospitals nearby (How many malls can a man possibilly need, anyway?!) Okneoth, then, used an antique elven magic. As you may know, elfs have a long live, and that's because they have a great ammount of vital energy. What Okneoth's spell did was to pass part of his vital energy to Grandy.

Thus, three things happened:

Okneoth was now mortal, as he sacrificed a great ammount of energy. As he was now weaker, his hair changed of a strong green to a yellow-ish green.

And, Grandy's hair became green. (SHOCK! o wait, that's how it's supposed to be)

In that night, Okneoth also gave Grandy his green cape.

Grandy understood that the elf had sacrificed his immortality, from now on, the elf was just like any 19 years-old human. Since then, Grandy considered the elf as a big brother, although he never openly said that.

The Fugitive

Not too long after the incident, a group of assassins killed a respected authority in the region. This wouldn't have changed Grandy's life so much, but the assassins needed to blame someone, in order to despiste the police. Grandy, a lesser thief, who better to take the blame?

Grandy became wanted, at least more than before. And when we said the respected authority that was killed was REALLY a respected authority, it was no surprise when the S.W.A.M. force took the case (Special Weapons And Magicks). The thieve's hideout was not safe anymore, and there were agents all over the town, sooner or later he was going to get caught.

And that's what happened. Grandy was thrown in a solitaire, Okneoth and the others were captured as well.

The S.W.A.M. guard who watched after Grandy was the one who captured him, his name was Sheng Tzu. Grandy tried to persuade the guard to let him free, but Sheng was the kind of guard loyal to the laws. The prisioner was to be judged.

But even if he didn't show it, Sheng trusted the prisioner. He was a thief, sure, but a assassin? Hardly. He was sure that the justice court, after hearing what he was going to say, would release him.

It was much to his surprise, then, when he was told the prisioner was going to be executed in a week, no questions asked. Sheng tried to persuade the S.W.A.M. chief, but all it did was to make him transfered to other part of the jail. Another guard was put in his place, one that was way too dumb to listen to the prisioner.

As a last attempt, Sheng tried to talk with Grandy's father, surely someone as powerful as him could help his son.

Grandy's father, however, didn't help at all. Because, as Sheng found later, he was the one who paid the assassins in the first place, and bribed the S.W.A.M. chief, afraid the investigations would lead to him, and secondly because the man Sheng discribed wasn't his son. "My son." he said calmly "doesn't has green hair."

Sheng, disgusted on how easy it was to manipulate the police, decided to leave the force. There was one more thing he needed to do though.

He was prohibited to visit Grandy - the S.W.A.M. chief wasn't dumb - but no one remembered the other thieves that were caught. They were, of course, to be executed later, not publically, as Grandy, but executed anyway.

It was easy to convince the guard in front of Okneoths cell to leave the spot in change for a few coins (this disgusted Sheng even more), and after some talk, Sheng freed Okneoth, under the condition that he was to help Grandy.

Okneoth, then, proceeded to release the whole gang, and after everyone was released, they went to free Grandy.

It wasn't that easy there were S.W.A.M. guards everywhere, but the confusion caused (there was a enormous ammount of thieves) was enough for Okneoth and Sheng to sneak in where Grandy was and release him.

Still using the confusion in their favour, Grandy and Okneoth managed to escape from the building, and the first thing they did was to jump inside a caravan that they found about a mile away.

The caravan was part of a traveling show, and Okneoth and Grandy managed to settle down there. They now were traveling all over the places, and that's about it.

After a few months, Sheng was able to track them down. He wasn't part of S.W.A.M. anymore (even if he wanted to), and joined them on the traveling show crew.


Grandy has tried -and failed- to do a couple of projects, sometimes for lack of time, sometimes for lack of interest (He is, after all, self-proclamed lazy and procrastinator) a list of projects, in cronological order, goes below:

Heroes of Gaia

Was planned to be a serious game, although it never got past the first map. The history was clich├ęd and flawed, thus was soon discarted.

Pub Tales

Based of in the Charas Pub thread, it would be basically a RPG version of the history, though, again, it was never completed.

Honor Amongst Thieves

The latest and current project, featuring Grandy himself as the protagonist. It's currenty on a hiatus.


Pablo is Grandy's alther ego. He was created in a joke, in which Midnight threatened Grandy, and he, with nowhere to hide, proceeded to put a hood, sunglasses, a fake mustache (which color differs from his hair), took off his bandanna, and changed his name to Pablo. Pablo has since turned in a internal joke.

Main Diferences Beetwen Grandy and Pablo

Though Pablo is Grandy's alther ego, and not a split personality, Grandy tends to act a little dierent while using the Pablo costume. The main diferences in personality are:

  • Pablo has an ever-changing accent, and tends to add ceretain random words from other languages in beetwen sentences.
  • It's due the weight of the cloak around him, but Pablo tends to walk slower than Grandy would normaly.
  • Pablo doesn't show his emotions so cleary, due to half his face being covered in a hood and the mustache and glasses covering his mouth and eyes. As such, he usually say out loud what he is feeling, in a monotone and bored tone, such as "I'm feeling great today." or "I'm not feeling that well." he also priorises saying what he feels before actually showing what he meant, as an example, in part of the Honor Amongst Thieves, while dressed as Pablo, Grandy got stabbed in his chest, he then merely commented "It hurts.", before fainting.

Small Details That You May Not Care But We Don't Care About What You Think Anyway

  • Grandy was until recently the person who most won at the Whoever Post Last Wins
  • No matter what he might say, he IS a ninja fanboy.
  • Grandy, spelled backwards, is Ydnarg. That kinda sounds like a kind of cookie.
  • No one knows where he keeps his nearly unlimited stock of knifes, but there are some theories. One more disgusting than the other.
  • Grandy is the genius behind Day 'D' in WW2. Basically he walked in the strategy room and commented "This seems complicated... why don't we just take all the soldiers and throw them at the enemy at the same time?". He is, thus, the best strategist ever since God made the plans to attack Sodom and Gomorrah.
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