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Humble beginnings

Moosetroop started off in an explosion of noob, and was shouted at by some of the great members of the time. Eventually defended by Robotam (who probably doesn't even remember), and then set upon the path of redemption.

Rpgmaker activity

Moosetroop11 has made two games and has two in the making. None are available for public viewing because he is too critical of his own work.

Non-rpgmaker interests

Moosetroop is a big reader of webcomics, and has written one of his own which originated on charas, Epic Adventures. This sparked off a string of charas comics by members such as Dragonium and Gemini, though I think MrMister was just taking the p*ss.

He also partakes in Charas' rps a fair amount.

Humble nowadays

Moosetroop11 is currently a mod of the Creative Arts forum due to an election. He does a damn good job of it, too. His only regret is that he is unable to shorten his name to 'moose' due to Osmose and his damn popularity.

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