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Epic Adventures[!] is a popular webcomic created by Moosetroop11. Its main draw is ridiculous situations that arise from simple situations.



As stated above, the plot follows the major characters as they get swept up into various situations, often by another character. The primary characters, Mark and Glin, are the main focus of the plot, but other characters can be important during a particular arc, and there are other recurring characters (seen below).


There have been several different "chapters" in EpicA, all revolving around a particular situation.

  • Guest Chapter - The first set of comics, from 1 to 15, are mostly one-shot comics with a punchline. In this, there were several cameo appearances from Charas members, although they usually tended to relate to the plot (with Warxe being the exception). There was a proto-arc involving Glin becoming a zombie (which ZeroKirbyX solved with a banana), but the comics generally didn't relate to each other. This changes in Episode 16, which is the beginning of the first "true" chapter.
  • In The Army - Glin signs himself and Mark up for the Army, mostly due to the recruiter telling him that they would be able to drive a tank (which, interestingly enough, never actually happened). The two friends are paired up with two other recruits, Skinner and Faber, and are sent on a mission to rescue a retired sergeant from a sinister retirement home. The "rescue" mission turns out to be a cover for capturing the sergeant (who happens to be Glin's father), and Glin takes some pills that cause him to morph into his alter-ego, Nilg. After the failed mission, Mark, Glin and Faber are discharged from service (though Skinner remains).
  • Faber's Date - After being discharged, Mark asks Faber on a date, but she refuses, saying that she already has a date. Mark wants to learn who this is, so he enlists Glin to help. They sneak into the theater (playing "Almeidaboo Returns"), where they find Faber and another woman (named Saphie) making out - turns out she's a lesbian. Of course, the two are busted, though Saphie understands. This chapter segues directly into the next major arc.
  • Zombie Attack! - A mysterious man from the government (named Mistah Z) hears about zombie attacks in the area, and decides to investigate. Mark and Glin join him after hearing about free cookies at McDonalds on the TV. A parallel storyline finds Faber and Saphie fleeing from the zombies, and the two groups eventually meet up. Luckily, Ronald McDonald himself has a solution to the zombie problem - he uses "the box that always rocks" to defeat the undead hordes.
  • Death of Mistah Z - After a few one-shot comics, another sub-chapter begins, dealing with Z's mortal wound. Death's daughter, Olive, appears to reap his soul, but due to complications (namely her father), she leaves before completing the job. She does return, however, though Saphie holds her off for a little while. Thankfully, Glin's outstanding marble skills saves Z's soul, and he returns to life. In the end, Glin finds a cute bunny, and Z goes to live with Faber.
  • The Time Portal - A mysterious portal opens in Mark and Glin's kitchen, and a time-displaced woman named Daryl comes out. She is initially at odds with the two, but eventually comes to like (or at least tolerate) them. The time portal is eventually re-opened, but sends them to WWII-era Germany instead.
  • Guest Comics - For a short time, the comic was temporarily opened to the public. Three projects, by Warxe, Archem and Bluhman, were submitted, though all are considered non-canon.
  • Back in the Past - Mark, Glin and Daryl are sent into WWII-era Germany, where they find that Adolf Hitler has a far different mission than in our own timeline. A black-coated man reveals significant information about the Hands and Shadows to the party, and it is their job to rescue Hitler from the Shadow assassins.
  • Assault on the House - Running parallel to the above story, members of the Army are sent to Mark and Glin's house to capture their grandfather clock (actually a Hand in disguise). The clock calls Faber to the house, where she kills a couple of the soldiers and comes face-to-face with none other than Skinner.

Major Characters

Main Article: Epic Adventures characters

As with most webcomics, Epic Adventures has an eclectic cast of characters.

Running Gags

So far, the series has a few running gags, some of which are obvious, and some which are more subtle. The obscure coo-coo clock is a good example, but others, such as the ever-changing framed background art and Glin's bunny are a little more subtle, either by being hard to see or seemingly insignificant. Besides the above, the inclusion of Lucozade energy drink in any applicable location also finds its way into the running gags territory.

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