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This is a list of the characters appearing in the Epic Adventures webcomic.



Major Characters

  • Glin - Ever-rambunctious and simple-minded Glin is the lovable member of the crew who often causes the zany misadventures with his seemingly innocent intents. He wears a tie and collared white shirt, but has no apparent occupation other than causing a hard time for the rest of the cast. He also points out the obvious (proclaiming "boobies" when seeing a new female character).
  • Mark - Mark is Glin's roommate and (presumably) friend. Playing the straight man to Glin's antics, Mark is more serious and uptight, but he has been shown to possess an inner idiocy. Mark is generally unwillingly dragged along on the comic's storylines (though he did initiate the Faber's Date chapter), but accepts and adapts to his situations rather easily.

Supporting Characters

  • Faber - A woman of undetermined age, Faber was recruited for the army (along with Mark and Glin) and has continued to appear as a major character. She appears to be an extension of the Amazon archetype: she is aggressive and temperamental, and wields a sword in combat. She also happens to be a lesbian, and she is clearly the "man" in her relationship with Saphie.
  • Saphie - First appearing as a palette-swap of Faber, Saphie has gone on to develop her own personality. She is somewhat more effeminate than Faber, and appears to be more friendly and motherly as well. She has not shown any of the personality quirks that define the other characters, so she can be considered the "balance" between the various personalities of the webcomic.
  • Mistah (also Mister, Mizzah, and Mr.) Z - Supposedly employed by the government, he appeared during the Zombies Attack! chapter. He has a host of personality disorders, including extreme paranoia, the tendency to pronounce "evil" as "efil", and possibly schizophrenia. Him and Faber seem to distrust each other (probably due to him attempting to kill her), though they get along well enough to live together. He was killed during the same chapter he was introduced, but was revived shortly after, and appears on occasion.
  • Daryl - A time-displaced warrior from an alternate dimension/future, she appeared in Mark and Glin's kitchen via a portal of some sort. Though initially at odds with the two, she learns to tolerate them while she finds a way back home. Like Saphie, she has not shown any major personality quirks, though she appears to be a great deal smarter than the rest of the cast. Apparently, she is also a skilled fighter, and appears to have a high military ranking back in her home period.

Minor Characters

  • Skinner - A rather large, over-the-top character who has played a major role during the Army Chapter, and is leading an attack on Mark and Glin's house in the Attack on the House story. His expertise is in heavy weapons (he prefers his missile launcher/RPG), and has some knowledge of military tactics (though considers his soldiers highly expendable). He is known for his crude, rude attitude and foul mouth.
  • Glin's Father - The "retired sergeant" that the group was sent to rescue during the Army chapter. He is on the run from the Army for unknown reasons, but assists the group in escaping from the retirement home. He has not been seen since the Army chapter, though it is assumed that he is still on the run.
  • Black-Coated Man - Currently appearing in the Time Portal chapter, he has revealed several important plot points to the group. His origin, name and motivation are currently unknown.
  • Adolf Hitler - In the Back in the Past storyline, Hitler is shown as the leader of a movement against the Shadows. He is protected by Shell, a red-haired swordsman.


  • "The Master" - This unseen character, who speaks in Greek, works behind-the-scenes. Though nothing has been proven yet, it has been implied that he/she is responsible for the strange going-ons in Epic Adventures. It also may be one of the Shadows (see below).
  • General E. Speaking - The demented leader of Mark and Glin's squadron, he is a violent, manipulative man who nonetheless seems to be a coward when confronted. He seems to have some connection to the Master, possibly a lackey.
  • Nilg - Glin's evil alter-ego, he only appears when something throws Glin's regular temperament off-balance. He has only been seen during the Army Chapter.
  • Olive - Daughter of Death, she showed up in the Death of Mistah Z Chapter to reap Mistah Z's soul. Her plan was foiled when she lost to Glin at a game of marbles. She has not appeared since.


  • The Hands - This race of spacefaring beings are the (possibly self-proclaimed) guardians of the galaxy. They seem to be extremely advanced, as they possess time-travel technology and have the ability to shapeshift (whether this is natural or not is not known). They often take the form of clocks or watches. Currently, the only known Hand is the grandfather clock in Mark and Glin's house.
  • The Shadows - This race of shadowy creatures are at war with the Hands. They possess time-travel technology as well, which they use to manipulate and destroy timelines. It is implied that the Shadows are behind most of the going-ons in the Epic Adventures universe.


As stated in the Guest Chapter, cameos were commonplace early in the series, but have dwindled after a while. The following lists the current cameos. This list may not be complete and does not list the episode number(s) of the specified cameo.

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