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Join Date January 2004
Status Active
Position Member
Birthday March 15th, 1990
Gender Male
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Early Days

In the very early days of 2004, Tomi joined Charas in order to try to learn more about making graphics for his new favorite program, RPG Maker 2000. Although he didn't really post too much in his early days, he was always present, only commenting when he felt it was absolutely needed.

In order to "test" his ability to sprite, Tomi entered the Third Resource Contest. He came in 9th and 14th place in the character set resources, which he thought was pretty good considering he only began spriting not long before.

Tomi, now armed with new budding spriting skills, joined many teams, which was a very common and popular thing to do back then. He joined the Character Creators, VG Reapers, and the Modifiers, and answered quite a few requests.

Somewhere in the Middle Days

Tomi became the leader of the Modifier's most popular subteam, known as the "Posers", who made character set poses with much speed. Tomi continued this for about a year and a half, until school became too much to handle. The thread is still there, but today Tomi mostly just does requests for his friends.

Tomi was involved in many Moderator elections, but alas, has never been elected... He has also been involved in every Community Contest team so far, despite the fact none of them are ever completed.

Closer to the Present

Tomi, now a quite regular poster, has become involved in a lot of things over time. He is a very active poster in the Pub, infamous for his random *fart*s and other cheesy comments. He is also the creator of the newly popular forum game "Vending Machine".

Tomi and Meiscool also were the first members to "switch identities" by changing avatars, signatures, and profile info. This caused some confusion at first, but once people got used to it, they changed back.

Tomi's Avatars: Over the Years

Tomi has had very few avatars since joining Charas. His first one was a generated faceset of the character Tomi, who sported spikey blond hair, a red jacket, and huge goggles. After about a year, Tomi changed it to a sprite of Tomi edited from a large Pokemon trainer sprite. A few months after this, he created and put in place his current avatar, which he sprited in MSPaint. The only other time he has changed his avatar is during the Tomi/Meiscool identity switch.


Tomi's goggles have been stolen many a time in various forum games. They always respawn back on his head though.

Tomi can solve a Rubik's cube in 1 minute, 10 seconds.

The character Tomi was originally based on Cid Highwind, despite the fact that when Tomi was created, he had never played Final Fantasy VII.

Tomi has had two main RPG Maker projects, Realms of the Demons and The Golden Compass (based on the book). He never finished either of them, and doesn't plan to. He just helps out with his friends games when needed, and has contributed much to The Omega Seal (by Ace of Spades and Warxe) and Seeker Story (by InsaneJP)

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