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Join Date Aug 2004
Status Original Bag Dude
Position Senior member
Birthday Jan 1st
Gender Male
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Joined is Aug 2004, Almeidaboo came in looking for help in using RPM Maker 2003. First thing he did was make a topic in the Tutorials section, and for some reason wasn´t bashed for not posting in the Test and Welcome forum first. Then the long story of membership and friendship began.

First person Almeidaboo would made friends with would be Warxe Phoenixblade, exacly the person who first responded to his thead. He looked up to Warxe and his amazing programming skills. Later, he´d make even stronger friendships, such as Razor, Drace, Ace of Spades, Weregnome, Moosetroop11, ZeroKirby, Kinslayer and others. He´d also send a comunication about issues that he had to Alex, and the immediate and polite response from the forum owner would bring Almeidaboo to think the best of him. Only member Almeidaboo ever had tough time with was Darkfox, and even so they´d become good friends later.

Bag-head would stabilish himself mainly at the All of All forum, and also be a frequent in Creative Arts. Did not have a major presence in other forums due to the lack of interest.

In 2006 he would run for the Creative Arts Modship elections, and had a nice response on it. He would lose to his friend, Moosetroop11.

Tales float around the bag in his head. Some belive he is headless, some think he´s a man-in-vengeace. Others think he´s extremely ugly, and the most extreme current belives he´s Michael Jackson. The reason of the usage of such bag is still uncertain, but he revealed it has to do with his sociopathy and numerous brain disorders.

Almeidaboo is a cheerish member, friendly and active in the forums. No longer a RPG Maker user, he still frequents the forum for his friends. Enjoys thepeace times, but likes specially the times when the members have to defend the forums and weird happenings (see troll invasions, Lord Raffles and such). Plans to stay as long as the forum exists.

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