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Join Date February 9, 2005
Status So awesome that he in fact pwns himself a lot of the time.
Position Member and Almost-Moderator. :p
Birthday July 17, 1991
Gender Male
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Dragonium is a member of the Charas Project, who registered in February 2005. He is one of the relatively small number of British Charas Members. Upon joining the forums, he was a N00b, making a number of pointless threads and spam posts which had nothing to do with the topic being discussed.

Due to connection problems, Dragonium left the forums in early 2006. He later returned, in August 2006, a reformed and no longer n00bish character.

Contributions to Charas

Dragonium has been credited with a number of items which have been of great importance to Charas. These include the creation of the critically-acclaimed Dancing Sabin, numerous spriting threads, posts in the Charas Pub, a tutorial explaining types of armour, a thread for his game Radiance, a number of RPs which he is known for, and an unhealthy obsession with quoting Drace.

He has also provided Charas with several highly opinionated rants against Final Fantasy VII and Nintendo Fanboys, and to this day still claims that "Mastodon beats everything".


Dragonium was a candidate in the Test and Welcome Moderator Elections. Due to his tireless campaigning to gain the trust of the community (As well as support from Trevlac and the fact that virtually everyone failed to make a convincing smear campaign against him), Dragonium recieved many votes. However, in the end he was beaten by MrMister and came 2nd. Dragonium later admitted that MrMister would have been a better candidate for the position anyway.

He also took part in the Charas Smiley Contest, but again was beaten at the last moment and came 2nd.

Some speculate that Dragonium will eventually win something.

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