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Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades
Join Date 08-12-2004
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Ace of Spades is a moderator and long time member of Charas (joined 08-12-2004). He is most well known for his work at the forum, his game The Omega Seal, and his love of tacos.

The Omega Seal


Taken from the Omega Seal Website

It's 2,200 years ago and the king of Sumeria has died, and the young prince Demsey will take over his father's position. Normally the high priest would get the throne, but there were suspicions among the royals as to why the king died, and those suspicions might led up to the high priest. After this decision is made, the high priest suggests that the young king listen to his suggestions for making the civilization stronger and more powerful. The 16 year old king agreed. 6 years later, Demsey got suspicious of the high priest. The high priest, Imenakt, was exiled into the desert. He found shelter and started re-practicing magic and sorcery because his mind was set on vengeance. He soon noticed a great deal of power within 5 magic forces. These magics were the five elemental forces of the earth; wind, fire, ice, earth, and lightning. He converged them together into a relic he called "Vengeance" With this relic, he defied the laws of nature, and could create natural disasters such as tornados, volcanic eruptions, hail storms, earth quakes, and thunder storms. He returned to the civilization and ordered King Demsey to fork over the position of high authority. Demsey refused. With the little bit of mercey in Imenakt's heart, he told Demsey to evacuate his people by dawn, for there was a large storm coming and it would destroy the city. Demsey didn't do a thing and at the break of dawn, a large storm desimated the civilization. The world soon knew of Imenakt's power. Though he almost brought about the end of the world, he was defeated by the Great Priests of Sumeria. They sealed him away into the relic that he created himself. He, as well as the power were sealed away into the relic, which later became known as "The Omega Seal"

In the present time you start in, a war has been brewing between your continent, Trazunia, and another continent, Fairn. You take the role of Ace, who starts his day by being late to class because of an odd dream he had. After the class session, he and Travis go hunting and then later study for a test they have the next day. While studying in the forest, they hear a woman scream and then a few moments later see her extremely frightened, running through the forest. The lives of Ace and Travis change from this moment on...

Additional Information

Omega Seal, one of the most well-known games on Charas, was one of the first Charas Games to feature an ABS, and have a fully-rendered trailer.

The website for Omega Seal [1] is available, however it is not properly viewable in Internet Explorer.

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