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The Resources section of Charas is basically a large gallery of all the user-created (be it member or non-member) content which can be freely downloaded and installed as a usable parts to RM2k and RM2k3 (RMXP is still unsupported). Content can easily be submitted, and after a certain time, it can be viewed. A sidebar on the main page shows the last five submitted resources for charasets, face sets, battlegens, and complete resources.

Known Problems

Many times, resources are submitted under false pretenses. Lots of these are credited to someone other than the creator, and several are simply stolen from other sites. Another big problem is that several resources are simply made using the Charas generators, making them somewhat useless, as anyone could have made the same thing. Another problem, though not that major a problem, is that resources are sometimes improperly submitted, leading to confusion among consumers.

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