SEER (Simple Engineering Environment for RPGs)

From Charas Project

SEER was an idea for an RPG creator. The master architect was Grandragora, but he fell ill and spent lengthy amounts of time in the hospital. The project was scrapped and restarted multiple times, as evidenced on the SEER section of the forum (SEER Discussion)

Some of the original features were:

It will be made using C++, and will require DirectX to run.
I'm not going to be as flexible as I hoped with image dimensions - but they certainly will be as flexible as I can allow.
There will be no scripting language - all of the functions, even the tougher ones, will be done through a menu.
If I can't optimise anything (basically meaning it will cause slowdown), then I will scrap it. Too many of my previous ideas have been over-ambitious, and I want to scale it down a bit.
There WILL be a built in character maker. I have my heart set on that.
I'll include more than 1 type of battle system (I might even have them as separate compilables, or even separate packages for ease of use).

Pixel-by-pixel movement - A certainty.
DLL Expansion - I'm looking into the possibility.
Animated Monsters - Another certainty.

A sort of (limited) programming language, like in that event thing.
Possibility of skinning the program, so we don't have to look at the same layout.
Movable toolbars, in case we would ever need to move them.

There will be different battle systems to choose from, but what they are I won't decide until later.
Battle character maker is a certainty
Diagonal walking is a certainty (and can be switched off)
The battle movements will have to be quite extensive for some of the features I'm planning.

Database editor is a certainty. It's a useful tool.
Item limiting is in, yah, but I won't allow for infinite (just a high amount instead)
I might supply a music composer, but it's not one of my main aims. An automated music composer is a definite no-no.
Voice reproducer is a no-no - Reproducing phonemes is a major task, and I'd need several decades to get it to the standard anyone could use it at. In fact, most voice reproduction units are severely flawed (just look at Microsoft SAM, for instance)
Open source is a possibility, but I'm still deliberating whether to make this a commercial product.
WAV sound effects will be allowed, but other formats will be allowed as well.
Not including the built-in resources is a certainty. After all, I doubt there will be many built-in resources (if any)
Built-in variables are a certainty, although I might include an option to remove them if unnecessary.
I'm planning an example game which should demonstrate 90% of the features and how to use them. Any additional tutorials I will release later.

The character heights will suit whichever screen resolutions I decide to stick to.
There will be separate parts for larger graphics, not sure which form they will come in yet.
Different message layouts are a certainty.
Different menu system layouts are a certainty.
Changing battle algorithm equations is a certainty.
String variables are a certainty.


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