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Acronym 2KW
Established December 1999
Management Divided World Entertainment
Style Semi-professional wrestling
Wrestling base Ring
Location New York
Formerly 2000 Wrestling
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2KW, formerly 2000 Wrestling, is an independent wrestling federation based in New York, created in 1999 by Vinny Mac, Kid Krazy, and, SyNN. SyNN eventually became 100% owner of the promotion after the other shareholders left.

The federation spent the better of ten years inventing a name and opposing the stereotypes in backyard wrestling offering a heavy-hitting, intense, extreme sports product coupled with actual wrestling ability. From amassing close to 300 competitors in total over 10 years (most gone and some still there), gaining promotion by publications, holding events in various local Manhattan parks but most known, the Little Flower Playground and uploading them online, 2KW gathered a cult following landing a benchmark status in backyard wrestling history.

Overtime, 2000 Wrestling had been abridged to 2KW, a three-initials symbolism left to represent the devotion and hardship of the roster. They have now moved a step up to performing at small indoor venues mostly in conjunction with other promotions.

2KW is also a member of Global Backyard Wrestling Nation, as inducted on the January 27, 2010 edition of Backyard Wrestling Weekly.




In December 1999, 2KW initiated as an obscure federation in Manhattan, New York under the foundation of Vinny Mac, SyNN, and Kid Krazy in their youth. The federation raided other backyard wrestling leagues seeking potential for their roster. Presented inaugurally as a frivolous product, they gained opportunity to feature regional programming on the New York non-profit public access station known as the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, fortunately garnering wide Manhattan viewership and abundant positive reviews via emails. Eventually they were prompted to switch direction of 2KW to take a rather serious tone, acquiring Jackal, Reaper, Grifter and Saylo in 2000 to enlarge the roster while many else followed.

They were, for a certain period, also associated with the Ghetto Wrestling Alliance (GWA) in 2001, sharing championships before splitting off into their own entity. The GWA Hardcore World Championship was created as an anti-championship to rival the GWA World Championship for those who storyline felt their talent was further prominent than that particular title. The belt, after won by SyNN, was renamed the 2KW World Championship in 2001 along with the GWA/2KW Television Championship.

They proceeded to receive countless publicity including two UPN news articles about the show with the first article trashing backyard wrestling, but due to positive reviews a follow-up story was conducted to report how contrasting 2KW was to the stereotypes of the practice. Footage of 2KW also appeared on the Best of Backyard Wrestling and even on Maxim Magazine's B-There Volume 2 DVDs.

Divided World Entertainment

Around 2003, 2KW came to the management of Divided World Entertainment, an off-screen operations department and also designed to shakes things up on-screen through the appointment of a representative. The first act of control was vacating the 2KW World Championship from Jae Peso, thereafter igniting conflict with roster members. It was initially led by Grifter as the first representative in charge. Eventually 2KW owner SyNN, FNB, Scythe and Jamal Jackson became members to form a management team, who all work cohesively behind the scenes in planning events, concepts and scripted storylines with SyNN giving the final approval. Grifter most recently became re-elected as on-screen representative.

Rising Web Popularity

The promotion had elevated its familiarity in New York City through media and publication sources and consistently went out and produced high quality intense presentations. 2005 was a significant year which saw 2KW put on their first ever Just Another Night flagship event special. Although circumstances interfered with its outcome, the show succeeded and with the memorable Dramacydal and G-Styles encounter that achieved match and rivalry of the year.

In October 2006, 2KW created a YouTube account and began uploading their event videos online. However, it took awhile for some internet recognition to come about. In April 2007, 2KW in collaboration with Xtreme Street Wrestling put together a big 2KW vs. XSW show attended by a following of people behind both federations. 2KW made travels to many other federations to hold shows, and for promotional support, became apart of the biggest backyard wrestling website Global Backyard Wrestling Nation, then Global Backyard Wrestling News (GBYWN) initially joining that year before silently leaving and rejoining in 2008.

Futhermore in 2008, the federation began steadily seizing popularity among the wrestling community. In March, 2KW featured the explosive hardcore feud between FNB and William Black, considered feud of 2008 and one of the all-time best and continued to attract with the slam-bang organization they had going for them. As a result, their subscriptions and channel views effectively escalated on YouTube. They also joined with the Georgia Wrestling Circuit (GWC), an alliance and proclaimed leaders in backyard wrestling.

2KW Saturday and other events

2KW Saturday was originally one of two different day taped shows that had alternated with 2KW Tuesday which was discontinued gradually leaving the saturday show as its sole event of the week unless a supercard is occuring. The show, including all other events, were taped in a Manhattan, New York at the recreational use of a park in a neighborhood community where people come out to observe shows known as the Little Flower Playground, taking place around typically 2-8 pm provided there are no circumstancial weather conditions. Their biggest show of the year among all is Just Another Night.

End of park shows

Around the outset of 2009, SyNN disclosed plans to begin to take the federation to more professional heights with a mutual investment by the entire roster. A New York facility available for rent to have shows on the likelihood of a monthly basis was going to cost money, but SyNN figured a collaborative financial effort could make the move successful. The final 2KW show at the Little Flower Playground park was announced in the fall and occured on October 25. On November 14 in Staten Island, they presented their biggest event Just Another Night for the first time indoors and actually during the night.


Former and current roster flash photos.

2KW has survived by a common unity based on the federation's potential and promise held. Most of all involved for its long haul, have paid dues and strived in political hardships for the vision of owner SyNN to one day take his creation which exceeded others within the city of New York to the promised land. Arguably 2KW topped the backyard wrestling world trying to defy stereotypes through showcasing the wrestling abilities of the volunteering competitors, having multiple multi-cultural talent coming in and out from various places and stacked shows with avid and interactive audience besieging the park venue. Attribution to its success so far is their ability to stand out very creatively such as with manuevers as well as offering enticing entertainment, though their shows have been sometimes criticized as "spotty" and seen to have tendencies to break wrestling kayfabe for the sake of hilarity.

Various parks have been used to host events permittedly in the neighborhood locality of Manhattan without any issues from local authorities for performing in a public area. Occasionally, police officers would also observe indisputably. With backyard wrestling a liable practice for injuries, minimal room for error encouraged all competitors into performing as safe as possible for who were mostly untrained athletes under extreme unprofessional conditions, and was able to prevent any big injuries.

2KW talent also travels to and hold events with other federations. In backyard wrestling, they have held shows with Xtreme Street Wrestling, and 3 Count Wrestling. In more professional standards, Insane Backyard Wrestling, and RWA.

Product style

2KW offers a consistently physically intense, technical and spot-oriented shoot wrestling style which combined with the talent provide unparallel and unrivalled, pure, risky, unadulterated wrestling action with innovative "spots" and moves becoming quite exceptional in the current era of backyard wrestling. Occassionally stepping out of the normal, 2KW will display a rare showcase of hardcore wrestling in a moderate fashion, quite seen in matches lately between FNB and William Black. Moreover, the federation focuses on a ruling system that morely emphasizes and permits talent to display their true wrestling ability.



Championships Current champion(s) Date Won Event
2KW United World Championship
Kris Kage
July 25, 2009
2KW Saturday
2KW Television Championship
August 8, 2009
2KW Saturday
2KW North Eastern Championship
October 25, 2009
2KW Saturday
2KW Junior Heavyweight Championship
JT Dunn
February 27, 2010
2KW Second Coming
2KW United Tag Team Championship
November 14, 2009
2KW Just Another Night 2009


Championship Final champion Date Won Event
2KW European Championship
2KW Intercontinental Championship


The 2KW family in a group photo.

2KW has been involved with wrestling events outside of 2KW and/or New York City.

  • On June 30, 2007, 2KW held a supershow, Wrestlefezt, in Coal Township, Pennsylvania.
  • On February 28, 2009, 2KW held a supershow with RWA and NAW in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.


  • Despite that 2KW began in 1999, any video footage of the organization had been released online after their 2006 application for a YouTube account, which picked up production from its 2006 period. A compilation of clips featuring Reaper is the only evidential internet video material citing some of their past. Videos of the federation (some also made by fans) are available on other video-sharing websites and even streamed on Justin.tv as of 2008.

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