2KW North Eastern Championship

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2KW Junior Heavyweight Championship

Shawn Matthews with the 2KW Northeastern Championship.

Current champion(s) Whiplash
Date won October 25, 2009
Promotion 2KW
Date introduced June 6, 2009
Most reigns N/A
First champion Shawn Matthews
Longest reign N/A
Shortest reign N/A

The 2KW North Eastern Championship is a backyard wrestling championship being competed for in 2KW. The title represents backyard wrestling competition on the east coast and can be contested for outside of its original place of conception.



In June 2009, management of 2KW known as Divided World Entertainment and its representative Timothy Diddman, introduced the title in light of a Northeast Championship Tournament which would take place for it. After Great Styles and Shawn Matthews advanced to the finals of the tournament, Matthews became the first ever champion.


The first ever 2KW Northeastern Champion was Shawn Matthews who defeated G-Styles in the finals of Northeastern Championship Tournament. The current champion in his inaugural reign is Whiplash beating Matthews on October 25, 2009 at the last park show tapings of 2KW Saturday.

Title history

#: Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Location: Notes:
Shawn Matthews
July 18, 2009
Manhattan, New York
Shawn Matthews defeated Great Styles in the finals of the Northeast Tournament to become the first ever champion.
October 25, 2009
Manhattan, New York
Whiplash defeat Shawn Matthews at the last 2KW park show tapings to win the title.

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