Joel Vega

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Joel Vega
Ring name Joel Vega
The Beast
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Born N?A
Resides New York
Debut N/A

Joel Vega is an American backyard wrestler wrestling in 2KW. Vega, formerly wrestling under sole alias The Beast, had also performed for New Epic Wrestling (NEW).


Backyard wrestling tenure

2KW (2007-present)

In his debut on October 20, 2007, The Beast competed with Kamikazi in an unsuccessful effort before the season closed. In April 2008 into the new season, he wrestled Statik in his second match which ended with a loss, causing his frustrations to attack Statik post-match.

After five weeks in absence, The Beast returned stating he had healed and trained, and was displeased with being said held down, now seeking a challenge that he receives enormously in Zero which gains him another loss. The Beast's tenure from June to November endured short absences and for the remainder of the year, lost further matches teaming with Matt Vengeance and A-List.

The Beast began the 2009 season accumulating wins in Nytemare, Rico Hernandez and Cozz even changing his name to Joel "The Beast" Vega to walk a clean slate. On June 27, 2009 on 2KW Saturday, Vega defeated Nolan Avilla for the 2KW Junior Heavyweight Championship.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Texas Cloverleaf
  • Entrance Theme
    • N/A

Championships and accomplishments

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