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Ring name Scythe
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Born New York
Resides New York
Debut Unknown

Scythe is an American backyard wrestler performing in 2KW. He was the owner of his own backyard wrestling (park) federation Ring Side Federation before agreeing to compete in 2KW, where he is an active wrestler and member of the Divided World Entertainment behind scenes committee assisting with shows and is also the professional-like background commentator I.P Freely. Scythe was also part of a tag team in 2KW known as Team Stiff which ended.


Backyard wrestling tenure

Ring Side Federation (2006-2007)

In 2006, I.P Freely was the lead commentator for Ring Side Federation, a promotion founded by Scythe (known then as Satantic Scythe), who for his most notable time in the federation, feuded with FNB, who was out to represent the defunct EPW federation he was apart of, taking the feud through a local professional wrestling promotion named Anarchy Championship Wrestling.


I.P Freely and Altercation with Elite (2006-2007)

In 2006, Scythe began showing up in 2KW wrestling a few matches as mostly a part time wrestler, performing high impact moves and finding himself in dangerous situations such as having an altercation with The Elite where he was involved in an onslaught receiving a savage assault taking multiple light tube shots to the back causing profuse bleeding. The majority of his tenure was serving as background commentator anonymous to internet fans as I.P Freely. In 2007, when 2KW toned its brutal violence down, Scythe ceased to undergo such treatment.

Team Stiff and Heel Turn (2007-2008)

Main article: Team Stiff

Scythe came to ends with his heated feud with FNB which had stretched from his RSF federation, defeating FNB in his 2KW debut in September 2007. An alliance was later formed between them and dubbed as Team Stiff in their first match as partners against HollyStyles. But therefrom though, FNB proceeded to tackle a singles run following the end of 2007.

They partook in a vicious assault on Buddha Man, Matt Vengeance and Pyro following a tag match in the beginning of the 2008 season that looked to reignite their tag team unity and gain fan favoritism in the process. Scythe, moreover, became also seemingly a managerial figure behind him in his stricken hardcore rivalry with William Black, though, teamed with him to battle with Black and his fellow Elite members. However, Scythe shortly noticeably halted with accompanying FNB (actually having become less active on-screen for commentary duties as I.P Freely which many viewers did not know was Scythe) during his hunt for the 2KW World Championship in a title contender tournament, but had failed to a prevalent Great Styles.

During summer, Team Stiff resurrected forth and moved through the tag team division as a potential contender to the 2KW Tag Team Championship, only cut short with the leave of absence by FNB. Saylo was sought for challenge by FNB in his return in October over hardcore credentials, which Black rather intercepted. At the 2KW Saturday show they competed, an executive decision contested the NEW Heavyweight Championship in a No Disqualification match which Scythe accompanied his partner to. FNB arose victorious winning the NEW Title. After the match, however, Scythe turned on FNB with a wielding chair shot and followed up with a Crimson Lips assault which left his actions on a high inexplicable note until the new season.

Savvy Heel (2009-present)

Combusting the situation, Scythe deliberately costed FNB the title in a rematch at a supershow 2KW presented with RWA. Explaining his reasoning in the 2KW season return in March for fans demanding answers, he claimed he "never acquired any approval from the fans", hostile over his own publicity for "light tube shots and crazy moves" leading his mood to break the forth wall in comfirming his identity as I.P Freely, 2KW's witty but occasionally drunken color commentator. Overcame by envy for his actions, he pleads for a Team Stiff reunion that FNB contemplates. Furthermore, a deviously savvy and opportunist Scythe swings with a chair at FNB claiming "I know FNB too well". But, in the end, Scythe was defeated in their ensuing Pinfalls Count Anywhere match.

Scythe's commentary continued as remarks turned increasingly witty but dark-humored and desparaging. Prolonging the altercation, after a match his counterpart had with Zero, he attacked FNB with a relentless chair assault challenging him to another match accomplishing further heat towards himself. His adversary then began embarking on a vicious intimidating rampage. This headed into 2KW Divided We Stand in April, where Scythe feigned bloodshed to escape a full-on First Blood match allowing him victory to "outsmart" the situation using a finger gesture to the temple which made its trademark. In May, Scythe engaged in a Dog Collar Chain match with FNB, again incorporating help from Elite members, but ultimately, was beaten up by FNB.

In wrestling

  • Finishing & signature moves

Crimson Lips (Shining Wizard)
Zach Galifaniakis (Shining Foot Stomp)
Running Double Knee Strike
Go 2 Sleep
Release Dragon Suplex
Diving Double Stomp
Jawbreaker followed into Complete Shot
Face Wash Kicks into running front dropkick
Russian Legsweep

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