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Team Stiff
Tag Team
Members Scythe
Name(s) Team Stiff
Combined weight N/A
Debut 2007
Promotion(s) 2KW

Team Stiff was a backyard wrestling face tag team in 2KW that formed in 2007, consisting of Scythe and FNB. The team was known for their stiff wrestling tendencies as a unit. At the height of Scythe's jealousy, the team dissolved in 2008.




Ended Feud and Unity (2007)

In September 2007, FNB debuted, his first opponent being in former RSF rival Scythe, which Scythe had won. Following this, the next time both were seen was teaming against HollyStyles as they were dubbed by commentary as Team Stiff, which came to be their first and last match of the year as a team. FNB, however, stuck to a singles run although partnered with Scythe.

Feud with William Black and On-and-off Unity (2008)

Team Stiff opened the new season of 2KW in March laying a statement with attacks on Buddha Man, Matt Vengeance and Pyro following a tag match that looked to reignite their tag team unity and gain them fan favoritism in the process. FNB soon ignited a feud with member of The Elite, William Black, who offered on open challenge he responded to as Scythe had seemingly become sort of a manager or accompany of FNB, restraining him after a bloody encounter with Black.

Team Stiff squared off in a match with Elite in continuation of the feud. Thereafter, Scythe shortly disappeared on-screen (for commentating duties as I.P Freely, which some viewers didn't know was Scythe) ironically while FNB was in a hunt for the 2KW World Championship. When FNB's efforts were shortcoming, Scythe returned on-screen and revived Team Stiff in the summer to pursue the 2KW Tag Team Championship moving through the tag division with their stiff cohesive effort as potential contenders. However, FNB's leave of absence cut short the opportunity.

In October, FNB returned but to extend a match to Saylo to find out who was the most hardcore. His rival from the beginning of the year, Black, inadvertently intercepted the challenge, and by power of Divided World Entertainment Representative Jamal Jackson, the NEW Heavyweight Championship was placed on the line in a No Disqualification match. Scythe had accompanied FNB to the match which FNB was victorious in. At the end of the match, Scythe ambushed him with a chair shot and his Crimson Lips finisher, leaving his actions on a high inexplicable note until the new season.

Post-Feud between Scythe and FNB (2009-present)

At a supershow in 2KW held in conjunction with RWA in February, FNB was booked in a rematch with Black when Scythe appeared and costed him his NEW Title back to Black. Thus, at the season of 2KW on March 7, Scythe brought explaination to his perpetrations citing his jealousy over FNB winning the NEW Title and amounting success while he was known as for taking light tube shots and conducting crazy moves throughout his 2KW tenure, also exposing himself confirming he was I.P Freely, the background commentator, the whole entire time. Scythe pleaded on his knees to let bygones be and reform Team Stiff, but used it as trickery while FNB was considering it to hit him with a chair claiming he "knew FNB well". FNB, however, defeated him after a Pinfalls Count Anywhere match that ensued.

Scythe's character from then on moved into development of that of an etiquette, and during commentary involved dark humor, and typical hell comments. While FNB and Zero were competing in a match, Scythe attacked FNB from behind with a multiple chair shots blaming him for trying to paralyze him and proceeded to throw a challenge out for a rematch. After reviewing the display of viciousness FNB treated Rico Hernandez with, Scythe started employing tactical and savvy use of wit feigning bloodshed minutes into a First Blood match with FNB, outsmarting FNB by allowing him victory, but minimizing damaged for himself. This plan would be challenged in a Dog Collar Chain match with FNB, permitting no escape for Scythe though he managed to be enlisted by Elite members. Moreover, FNB picked up the win in a highly physical contest.

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