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Fat Nasty Bastard
Ring name Fat Nasty Bastard (FNB)
Billed height Unknown
Billed weight Unknown
Born New York
Resides New York
Debut Unknown

Fat Nasty Bastard (or F.N.B) is an American Latino-Hispanic backyard wrestler competing in 2KW and Justified Revolution Wrestling (JRW). FNB is common for his strongstyle approach, showcasing his stiff competitive nature in his wrestling bouts. Before 2KW, he has wrestled for other backyard federations known as EPW, and Ring Side Federation, and was a 1 time NEW Heavyweight Champion. FNB is also best credited for his 2008 feud with William Black which made feud of the year.


Backyard wrestling tenure

Before 2KW, FNB was competing for backyard federations EPW and Ring Side Federation (RSF). In RSF, he engaged in an extensive feud with Scythe.


Ascension in 2KW and Team Stiff (2007-2008)

See also: Team Stiff

In early September 2007, FNB agreed to a deal to compete for the 2KW federation making his debut on 2KW Saturday against his former RSF rival, Scythe, which he lost. Coming off the heels of a loss a week later, he paired up with Scythe to subsequently unveil the formation of the stiff duo known as Team Stiff competing in their inaugural tag match with former 2KW World Tag Team Champions HollyStyles (Hollywood & Great Styles), which reaped additional loss for FNB. However, capitalization would be made with a victory over Hollywood prior to the season close.

Scythe restrains FNB
from William Black.

On the March 15, 2008 edition of 2KW Saturday during the season return, William Black was incensed in regards to a delayed 2KW World Championship match with Raze due to a sidelining injury and announced an open challenge. The open challenge was answered by FNB which thereby, ensued an intensified feud between the two both apart of Team Stiff and The Elite respectively leading to a few tag matches that they continued the feud until it shortly dissolved.

Following this, sights were set towards the 2KW Title in the outset of a 16-man 2KW World Title Tournament advancing over G-Murda and V.i.P for his spot in the tournament finals as his fanbase began to grow. He, however, lost on May 31 2KW Saturday in the Triple Threat 2KW Title Tournament Finals to G-Styles. At 2KW Just Another Night (2008), FNB lost a match against C-4 for the 2KW Television Championship. After an absence of Team Stiff as a tag team, they soon reunited and had momentum going in the tag team ranks. However, their effort was not granted an opportunity at the 2KW Tag Team Championship and FNB soon took a hiatus.

In October, FNB returned to extend a challenge to Saylo who was one of 2KW's most hardcore competitors, but then NEW Heavyweight Champion William Black accidentally intercepted the challenge within his interuption. Before what was booked as a No Disqualification match by DWE Representative Jamal Jackson, stakes were added to the match in the form of the NEW Heavyweight Championship for a lack of defense. After a stellar hardcore match amounting FNB and Black's feud to newer heights as well as 2008 feud of the year which FNB won to capture the NEW Title, FNB was betrayed by his accompanying partner Scythe ending the season between the two on an inquisitive note.

Feud with Scythe and ongoings with The Movement (2009-present)

At a supershow collaborated between 2KW and RWA in February, FNB lost the title back to William Black with interference by Scythe, who went on to state his jealousy citing his previous actions executed last season on 2KW's season return on March 7, 2009. Scythe tried to persuade FNB for a reunion of Team Stiff, but only used it as a tactical method to assault FNB while he was in contemplation. On that same show where a match ignited just then, FNB defeated Scythe in a Pinfalls Count Anywhere match.

Around this time, FNB challenged Zero since both had not competed before. During this match, the feud persisted with an attack by Scythe following the match. With advantage on FNB's side, the feud headed to the Divided We Stand supercard on April 25 where following a puzzling outcome to a First Blood match, Scythe feigned bloodshed minutes in as a result from a strike making FNB victorious. With no satisfaction with the win, FNB was granted a Dog Collar match this time around that forced Scythe in an ineluctable position which had FNB ultimately defeat Scythe on the May 30 tapings. He also challenged Raze to a match at 2KW Just Another Night on June 27 and lost, though the event was postponed but the match still occured as part of a regular tapings on that day. On July 18 he faced Raze once again this time beating him to the crowd's disapproval as a result of an anti-clicmatic finish and was given the time to think about joining heel group The Movement by Jackson.

At the 2KW vs. JWA supershow teaming with Kris Kage, they defeated Check and G-Styles. After the match, FNB decked Check with a chair to symbolize his opposition to The Movement. During his shot at the 2KW Title against champion Kris Kage, The Movement beat down both combatants leading the match to a no contest. FNB also lost a match teaming with Raze against them. At 2KW Just Another Night (2009) on November 14, FNB made an appearance during a Battle Royal. On December 17 at RWA/2KW When Worlds Collide, he aligned with Jackson after a loss to T.Phoenix. At 2KW Second Coming, he was seen to have officially joined The Movement, a group that went inexplicably face.

Justified Revolution Wrestling (2010-present)

On the April 10, 2010 Justified Revolution Wrestling Saturday tapings, FNB, Check and Jamal Jackson made their debut defeating Shawn Matthews, SD-3 and Pyro.

Outside 2KW appearances

  • On August 18, 2007, FNB took a trip to Pennsylvania's Anarchy Competitive Wrestling, where he extended the 2007 feud between himself and Scythe in a professional wrestling ring match, that finished in a no contest fashion when Scythe decided to abandon the match.

In wrestling

FNB standing his ground.
FNB holding his signature steel chair.
  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Lights Out - Pump Handle Emerald Fusion Driver
    • Chokebreaker - Chokeslam backbreaker
    • FNB Rush - Forearm-elbow smash combination
    • PileStunner - Piledriver and Stunner in the same process
    • Sidewalk slam
    • Capture suplex
    • Wheelbarrow facebuster
    • Slide Russian leg sweep - Executed on a playground slide
    • Piledriver
    • Big Boot
  • Signature taunts
    • Raises steel chair aloft with one arm
  • Nicknames
    • The Chair Wielding Maniac
    • FNB
  • Quotes
    • "You wanna go!?"
  • Entrance themes
    • "Electric Head Pt.1" by White Zombie

Championships and accomplishments


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