Shawn Matthews

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Shawn Matthews
Ring name Shawn Matthews
Height 5'9
Weight 145 lbs.
Born March 8, 1989 (age 22)
Resides Stewart Manor, New York
Debut 2006

PJ Troiano (born March 8, 1989) better known as Shawn Matthews is an American backyard wrestler. Matthews had his beginnings in his own federation Extreme Wrestling Alliance establishing himself a 2-time EWA Champion. From there, he commenced to get his name around by competing for many other leagues such as defunct federations BLADE Wrestling Championships, Northeast Championship Wrestling, where he won the 2008 Mr. Money in the Bank and Elite Wrestling Association, winning the EWA Tri-State Championship. Currently, he performs for 2KW, where he is a former 2KW North Eastern Champion, Jersey Wrestling Allstars, having possessed a reign with the JWA Fearless Championship and UWA Elite. He also makes cost-effective attendances to backyard wrestling supershows held eastern of the United States.

As a sensational name in the circuit, known for his daredevil high flying offense, Matthews has received countless awards and hall of fame inductions including from Global Backyard Wrestling News, World Backyard Wrestling, and BLADE, even being added to the Icons list of BYWpedia.


Backyard wrestling tenure

Extreme Wrestling Alliance (2006-2007 Online)

Shawn Matthews in the EWA ring.

In June 2006, Shawn Matthews debuted online in his own trampoline-based federation Extreme Wrestling Alliance that began broadcasting seasonal programming over the internet after he had wrestled in the federation before its premiere online. During the early stages of his time in backyard wrestling, Matthews adopted the style of WWE's Triple H, borrowing the theme, entrance, and finishing move. At the first event, EWA Heatwave, he defeated The Ringmaster in a Street Fight to win the vacant EWA Championship for his first reign. However, an alliance was later made between the both of them.

Shortly, Matthews took Onion Jack up for any kind of match, as Jack had earned the right in a contender's match to compete for his championship at EWA Guilty As Charged. Jack decided on a 2 out of 3 Falls match that went accepted by an egotistical Matthews. At the event, both wrestled in hardcore conditions and the match controversially extended to 4 Falls, and as a result, Matthews lost his title. Coming off the event, the federation halted progress for a while due to the violent circumstances of the event but nonetheless, Matthews already had his name circulating in the community between YouTube, World Backyard Wrestling, Allied Championship Wrestling and Global Backyard Wrestling News and accomplished winning several awards.

In EWA's return, Matthews pursued shots at the championship but was initially unsuccessfully. He also competed in a Brawl For All match which was a multi-competitor elimination match for the title, but lost the match when eliminated by Onion Jack, who was eliminated by The Ringmaster to lose the title. A feud had soon ignited between allies, Matthews and The Ringmaster over the belt which he had turned on Ringmaster for, ending at Fall Brawl in a High Wire Mayhem match where Matthews finally recaptured the championship, making it his second reign as champion. The following year, Matthews defended against former TCW wrestler and now professional wrestler, Double D at Reborn in a well regarded match. Shortly, Matthews took time away from backyard wrestling after a match in another trampoline federation named Pure Skill Wrestling.

Kick Ass Wrestling (2008)

In June 2008, a year later, Matthews made his acclaimed return to backyard wrestling before the merger of Kick Ass Wrestling, Backyard Championship Wrestling and Extreme Wrestling Alliance into Northeast Championship Wrestling. His days of wrestling on trampoline had come to an end. All three federations, however, did a inter-promotional match at KAW Blackout 96. Noticeably, Matthews had altered his on-screen character dropping the Triple H persona and adapting his own personality by coming out in hooded shirts, red sports shorts and wrestling boots. He also wrestled at KAW Northeast Showcase, representing as the EWA Champion against KAW Champion, Ace Reed in the main event.

Northeast Championship Wrestling (2008)

See also: The Renegades

Still holding the EWA Championship, Matthews began competing in Northeast Championship Wrestling. On his debut during episode 2 of NECW's flagship show NECW Shockwave in June 2008, he teamed with EWA former wrestler The Crippler against Danny Madness and Ace Reed of The Renegades. Before the match could end, he turned on The Crippler hitting him in the back and executing the Gin N' Cronic and later solidifies himself with the entire group. In unfinished business with Crippler which continued to a match at NECW Rebirth, Matthews defended the EWA Championship and continued to face off in other matches with Crippler.

Segments featuring The Renegades doing random acts for hilarity mostly excluded him, who showed up on occasion alongside them since his residence was distant in New York from NECW based in Connecticut. Matthews began developing his athleticism in NECW usually also putting his body at risk in death-defying spots. At EWA's Last Show, Matthews battled The Crippler in another on-on-one match this time for the EWA Championship once again. After a heated confrontation, he was victimized by a submission hold that forced him to tap his championship reign away, but not long trailing off the loss, won the Money in the Bank Ladder match at NECW Union.

With that, he was enabled to challenge any champion which he declared his intentions at regaining his previous title, but at the same event, all BCW, KAW, and EWA championships entered a Title Unification match that Ace Reed prevailed in. As costly trips became too much, it was announced on the NECW website that Matthews ended his time with NECW for a full time spot with 2KW. His last match while with NECW was a Tag match with Madness taking on the Crossbreeds on episode 14 NECW Shockwave which was won.

Post-NECW Appearances (2009)

On February 21, 2009, Matthews joined NECW on day one of their primary show of the year NECW Adrenaline Rush 3. He remained, in fact, Mr. Money in the Bank 2008 and was not stripped of the entitlement to the achievement as huge implications existed while Matthews faced Danny Madness on day one, where if victorious, he could cash in his Money in the Bank opportunity earned at Union and compete with Ace Reed and Murph on day two, and if not, loss the Money in the Bank. Due to interference from an anonymous individual cited as "Mr. Green Shorts", Matthews lost the match. On day two February 28, Matthews fought against John Crosby and lost before an unceremonious farewell.

On April 25 at the NECW: Pro Access Wrestling event which took place in an indoor gym, Matthews succeeded in a scheduled match against Crosby.

Jersey Wrestling Allstars (2008-present)

On August 15, 2008, Matthews participated in Jersey Wrestling Allstars' critically acclaimed supershow which was their first event combined of various federations from BWE, ETTW, TAW, and NECW. He prevailed in a Champions 4 Way match with Ace Reed, Assassin and Ryan Rage proceeding to the defeat winner of the JWA Rumble, Joey Jream.

When JWA returned in 2009 as rather a federation, Matthews appeared on JWA Week 1 to "sellout" chants from a diminitive audience citing his departure from NECW. Matthews responded to an open challenge made by Ryan Rage and controversially defeated him after hitting the Gin N' Cronic in spite of the match restarted for being pinned with his leg at the end of the mat that is equivalent of a rope break in terms of their ruling.

The following week, Matthews won a 7 Man Scramble match to become first ever JWA Fearless Champion, and on JWA Week 3, was involved in a small altercation with David Potter who, in an unsanctioned match, gained a measure of revenge in retaliation from Matthews' costly interference in his match at the BLADE 1 show in 2008. At JWA's first supercard JWA Fallout, Matthews successfully defended the title against TKO. The title was later lost at the 2KW vs. JWA supershow.

BLADE Wrestling Championships (2008)

In November 2008, Shawn Matthews made acquisition arrangements with owner of BLADE Wrestling Championships, David Potter to compete at BLADE 1: Grand Prix Tournament Opening Round on November 22 (aired online on November 30), which he wrestled a high profile match considered the highlight of the event with Ace Reed to victory. In the duration of the main event match featuring two unadulterated rivals in T-3 and Potter, Matthews attacks Potter costing him the match. However, BLADE stopped operating shortly after.

2KW (2008-present)

Shawn Matthews performing a moonsault.

Matthews made his debut after folding his performance deal with NECW for a full-time roster spot in 2KW, as he teamed with G-Styles to compete with Zoltan in unrewarding efforts for the 2KW Tag Team Championship before the 2008 season wrapped up. On the return show 2KW Saturday on March 7, 2009, Matthews impressively defeated former 2KW World Champion Check. On April 25 at the 2KW Divided We Stand supercard, Matthews defeated V.i.P and C-Red in a Triple Threat match to become contender for the 2KW World Championship. After this match, however, spawned a tumultuous quarrel between Matthews and an angered V.i.P which lasted for some time.

By the end of May, Matthews courageously confronted 300-plus pound Zero for the 2KW Title and lost following an ultimate conclusion. Matthews had sparked sensation among his spectators and soon earned the alias, "Mr. YouTube". In the presentation of opportunity, he made entry into the North Eastern Championship Tournament for the new 2KW North Eastern Championship advancing over V.i.P in Round One in what was an acclaimed contest and proceeded to beat Joe Bullrog 2 weeks later. Matthews also started wrestling at RWA shows. On the July 18 2KW Saturday tapings in the finals, Matthews defeated G-Styles to be crowned first champion and held the belt alongside the JWA Fearless Championship he won in Jersey Wrestling Allstars.

At the 2KW vs. JWA interfederation supershow on August 1, Matthews lost his JWA Fearless Title in a Fatal Four way match with Crimson OG, Ryan Rage and Whiplash. The next week, Matthews defended his North Eastern Title against Tek but turned villainous after advantageously hitting Tek with the title before succumbing to retaining his championship. While subsequently defending his title successfully against many opponents such as Scotty Skills and David Potter outside 2KW, Damien Sage and Draven, Matthews embroiled in a short-lived feud with Tek in September over the August incident. At the final park show of 2KW, he lost his title to Whiplash. At Just Another Night V, also where his "yeah yo" catchphrase began, Matthews competed with Whiplash in a rematch but collected another loss.

At the first 2010 event 2KW Second Coming, Tek was called on to rival Matthews by Jamal Jackson, who claimed he was stepping down from the spotlight after his match with Matthews. Tek, however, shockingly attacked Jackson leading to a co-existing beatdown alongside Matthews upon Jackson and his accompany Hypnotick.

Justified Revolution Wrestling (2010)

Matthews appeared at a Justified Revolution Wrestling Saturday tapings at the former 2KW grounds as a Special Guest Referee of a Triple Threat Tag on March 27. On April 10, Matthews teamed with SD-3 and Pyro losing to FNB, Jamal Jackson and Check of The Movement.

Elite Wrestling Association (2010-2011)

UWA Elite (2011-present)

At the debut of resurrecting United Wrestling Alliance: Elite at the UWA Rebirth supercard on June 26, 2011 aired on June 29, Shawn Matthews teamed with Saint Vengeance, Ryan Rage, and Joey Adams to defeat Cypress, Sean "Damage" McNelis, Big Dan Winant, and Kyle Winant in a Survivor Series Elimination match as the match boiled down with Matthews as the sole survivor of his team, last pinning Cypress for the victory.

Real feuds

Matthews proceeds to have an ongoing long-standing feud with his former friend, and now independent wrestler, Danny Danger. The spark of the embittered relationship began notably when Danger had rejected the idea of wrestling Matthews at a profitable BLADE show in February 2009 for alleged professional restrictions and instead, showed up to wrestle at trampoline federation ETTW. This enraged Matthews due to the opportunity for a payday which Danger was supposedly forced to turn down. Matthews has since voiced Danger as a "pussy" and "D.Anny Danger backyard wrestler" and called him out for a fight that has went avoided by Danger. Danger had also withheld himself from a scheduled match with Kris Kage at a 2KW show in the summer that same year which angered Kage.

In wrestling

Shawn Matthews executing the

Gin N' Chronic on The Crippler.

  • Finishing and moves
    • Gin-N-Cronic (Sit-out upside-down drop)
    • Regal-Plex (Bridging leg hook belly to back suplex)
    • Pedigree (Double underhook facebuster) - 2006-2007
    • Falcon Arrow
    • High Impact Leg Drop
    • Moonsault
    • Dropkick
    • Running Knee Strikes
    • Leg Lariat
    • Hurricanrana
    • Sling Blade
    • Jumping Stomp
  • Tag Teams and Stables
  • Signature taunts
    • Jumping with legs together (usually while having a hood over head which he flings back)
  • Entrance themes
    • "Da Rockwilder" by Method Man and Redman
    • "My Time" by WWE (Triple H's old theme) - 2006

Championships and accomplishments


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