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At EWA Heatwave 2006, Matthews attained his first EWA Championship reign by defeating The Ringmaster. Follow this event on Bloodbath, Matthews became pridefully egotistical in his victory at the event over The Ringmaster in a bloody encounter, enunciating his reign with the championship to be lengthy rather than short-lived. After Onion Jack advanced over Sugar Shane Malone in an EWA Championship Contenders match, Matthews was set defend his title at the Guilty as Charged free-per-view with a non-winning momentum heading in to a world of thumbtacks and ultimately losing his title to Jack in a hardcore 2 out of 3 Falls match that required a fourth fall. It is to be noted that EWA was on the brink of shuttering due to excessive violence at this show.

Subsequently, in the hiatus return of EWA in September 2008, Matthews credits his match at Guilty as Charged, but hurt over his loss accusing Jack of "blatantly stealing" his championship citing the 2 out of 3 Falls match that winded up 4 Falls when the neccesary third fall doubled-counted out both irresponsive competitors. Thereby, Matthews demands a championship rematch accepted by Jack before Sandman interjects asserting his newcomer EWA United States Championship success at the event beating Crippler in a Hardcore match, using it to qualify himself for a shot at the EWA Title. Eventually, Matthews and Sandman concur to meet in a Hardcore Contender's match, which Matthews wins.

Moreover, Onion Jack would repeat fate in their second confrontation for the title an episode later sending Matthews into a short losing streak. Matthews proceeded to criticize and unrelent in darting another challenge for the belt, dodged into a Brawl For All match scheduled at highly viewed event Rebellion by Jack for the EWA Title, compelling Matthews to rightfully earn his shot in a contest with multiple participants including Jack himself. Matthews eliminated three contestants but lost the match as did Jack lose the EWA Title to victor, The Ringmaster. After this free-per-view, Bloodbath episodes were skipped due to frigid weather conditions and other circumstances.

However in an update interview with Shawn Matthews, he elucidated the script explaining that Matthews celebrated The Ringmaster's title victory reception before Onion Jack pitches an accepted match for the title which during the bout, Matthews turns on him alongside Crippler causing a disqualification, claiming he was to win the title, blaming The Ringmaster for disobeying his instructions leading all to Fall Brawl in a High Wire Mayhem match, where Matthews finally regained the EWA Championship subduing The Ringmaster.

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