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Welcome to BYWpedia, the Enclyclopedia for Backyard Wrestling

Welcome to BYWpedia, the only actively used encyclopedia knowledge database, documenting the past, present and future of a popular fun hobby that has come to be known as backyard wrestling. This wiki is hosted on

Founded in September 2008, this wiki was designed to allow the backyard wrestling community, to write endless articles on wrestlers, federations, events, groups, and concepts with the overall purpose of BYWpedia, being to share and record information for archival reasons as well as future interest.

With 1,366 articles in the database, you can begin editing in information now. If you have no experience with editing, it may take some time to understand basic wiki coding. A tutorial is coming soon.

Upcoming Backyard Wrestling Supershows

  • DICKapalooza: Dick & TJ's Excellent Adventure - Aug. 27, 2011 (Avenel, NJ)

  • Backyard Fest XI - Sept. 3&4, 2011 (Chicago, IL)

  • BWA 6th Anniversary - Sept. 2, 2011 (Chicago, IL}

  • New York Presents...The New York Extravaganza - Sept. 23-25, 2011 (New York)

  • SWWA/XRCW: Halloweenparty and Wrestling Show - Oct. 31, 2011 (Muscatine, IA)
Backyard Wrestling News

You need coverage? You got it. BYWpedia will provide all the late breaking news, stories, and drama in the international world of backyard wrestling.

Updated August 21, 2011

  • NEW GBYWN World Heavyweight Champion Crowned

One of the biggest northeastern supershows for backyard wrestling is WZW Domination and during the 9th annual festivities in Cooperstown, New York on August 13 and 14, a showdown which made history and where the GBYWN World Heavyweight Championship was amidst some turn of events, Robby Roberts, who reigned champion for well over a year, defended the title on day 1 of the show against a surprise opponent which was revealed to be none other than former 2-time champion Joe Randa. As a result, Randa defeated Roberts to gain reigns of the championship. However, on the day 2, Murph won a GBYWN Money in the Bank match to earn a shot at the title as a second contender due to the "GBYWN Board of Directors" having selected J2 Step as the first contender. Later in the event, Randa was forced to defend the title against J2 Step as an opportunistic Murph cashed in on his title shot and went on to win the title during a Triple Threat match between all three opponents.

  • Focalin Forced to Hang it Up

This month, Focalin, a top backyard performer and mastermind of The Awakening group, who had become the GBYWN Wrestler of 2010, announced what was unfortunate news to the backyard wrestling world. With memory problems erupting at the cause of many concussions sustained, Focalin was forced to put a finality to his backyard tenure indefinitely. The call was made after his condition progressively deteriorated, and after failing a screening and physical test with a physician, who informed him of severe repercussions if he were to attain further concussions, Focalin elected to draw an end to his days in backyard wrestling. He will proceed to undergo physical therapy and make a recovery and likely still attend backyard wrestling supershows as a spectator.

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