Indiana Championship Wrestling

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Indiana Championship Wrestling
Acronym ICW
Establishment 2003
Key people Chris Castle (Founder & Co-owner)
Devin Bliss (Co-owner)
Style Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Base
Location Anderson, Indiana
Formerly Kids Championship Wrestling
External links ICW Website

Indiana Championship Wrestling (ICW) is a backyard wrestling federation opened in 2003 created by Chris Castle, co-owned by Devin Bliss and based in Anderson, Indiana. It is acclaimed as one of Indiana's best backyard wrestling federations and an idol to many online fans. It is also apart of Global Backyard Wrestling Nation



Kids Championship Wrestling

Kids Championship Wrestling was founded by Chris Castle, who was then known a Streetfighter, in 2003 in the state of Anderson, Indiana. The federation, however, commenced to embark on a more serious, storyline-driven run and officially became publically seen on the web in 2007. KCW's wrestling festivities, were in the beginning years, hosted on a trampoline and the federation usually implemented fireworks to add to the flair of their events. Their weekly episodic tapings took form with their show called KCW Xplosion that typically preceded free per views like most organized backyard federations. Together, the entire group of whom were friends wrestled attracting a cult following online featuring full taped and edited wrestling events prepared by Chris Castle.


See also: ICW Xplosion

Indiana Championship Wrestling

In May 2008, Kids Championship Wrestling was renamed to Indiana Championship Wrestling which was referenced as their "new era". They joined the Global Backyard Wrestling News community that same year, and eventually formed working relationships with other federations that had been integrated. By June 2009, ICW invested in a base to replace their trampoline debuting it on June 13 at their first two-day supershow, ICW This is Our House, which took the place of Unleashed event.

ICW started to host to and attend other backyard wrestling supershows such as BWA Global Domination, X2X Wrestlegasm, ICW Midwest Extravaganza and ICW It's Bsnowing Because of Khatonic and entered in on the interfederation supershow alliance, REVIVAL.

On the December 9, 2010 edition of Backyard Wrestling Weekly, ICW was inducted into Global Backyard Wrestling Nation.

Demise of ICW

By 2010, ICW encountered problems with their wrestling base due to its dilapidation and decided to return to the trampoline for an interim time. However, Bonecrusher made the ultimate choice to discharge it out of his hosting backyard consequently leaving the federation stuck without an area to carry out its events. At the CCW Welcome to the Real World supershow on its second day, March 21, 2010, Chris Castle and ICW World Heavyweight Champion Devin Bliss came to a mutual consensus to close down the federation and made the announcement legitimately on camera with Bliss putting the ICW Title on Castle.

The Reintroduction

On May 9, 2010, a video was posted on the ICW website, announcing the return of Indiana Championship Wrestling. On May 15, 2010, ICW made it's return with ICW Xplosion. ICW continued to make their run as the "New ICW" until the July 11, 2010 edition of Xplosion when ICW once again ended.

Second Return & Future of ICW

On May 23, 2011 a video was posted on the ICW Website promoting a second return of ICW on May 28, 2011. ICW returned for one show, but again was forced to be sidelined due to a shortage of wrestlers, time/location and other complications. On November 16, 2011 a video was posted by Chris Castle explaining the reasons why ICW could no longer be produced and was sidelined. The video also explained that they would try to do shows when they could, but there was no guarantee to getting any shows done. It was announced on January 8, 2012 in another video by Castle that ICW planned to do a final show continuing the line of Deadly Fire events that have been produced annually since 2006 (exception 2010 & 2011) under the title 'Deadly Fire V". Deadly Fire V is set to take place on June 16.


ICW Championships

Championships Current champion(s) Date Won Event
ICW World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Castle
March 21, 2010
CCW Welcome to the Real World
ICW Elite Championship
King BW
January 24, 2010
ICW Xplosion
ICW Hardcore Heavyweight Championship
ICW Intercontinental Championship
The Pen Name
March 09, 2010
ICW Xplosion

GBYWN Championships

Championships Current champion(s) Date Won Event
GBYWN North American Heavyweight Championship
The Executioner
December 19, 2009
ICW: It's Bsnowing Because of Khatonic
GBYWN United States Heavyweight Championship
Chris Castle
March 09, 2010
ICW Xplosion
GBYWN Tag Team Championship
June 5, 2009
BWA Global Domination
GBYWN United States Tag Team Championship
Bonecrusher and Johnny Light
October 27, 2010
ICW Midwest Extravaganza
GBYWN Great Lakes Heavyweight Championship
CCW Forsaken

Defunct championships


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