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Slogan Documenting the past and present of it's history.
Commercial No
Type of site Online documentary wiki
Registration Recommended for editing
Owner/Created by D.Miller
Launched September 2008
Current status Progressive work

Bywpedia is a non-profit, documentary wiki project opened by avid backyard wrestling fanatic, D.Miller in September 2008 and launched March 22, 2009, aiming to write and document on leagues, events, wrestlers, championships, ideas and other things with the voluntary assistance of people with knowledge on certain federations formerly or currently of the underground sport globally renowned as backyard wrestling. The documentary wiki was also created to provide a site for recollective and informative purposes among all who partake in the practice and most essentially for historical interest.

The concept of Bywpedia emerged after D.Miller discovered few of the talented federations around. He had even partook briefly in the trend during his elementary and high school recess days soon prompting him to wonder if such existed beyond. Initially attracted into the world of the practice, he stumbled across Wicked Hardcore Wrestling, a backyard organization that produced hardcore content while morely focused on in-ring ability, though, around the period he inserted fandom in the product in 2006, the federation ceased of existence since 2005. Shortly subsequent he discovered XBW Wrestling the same year, enriched with a time period ranging back to 1999, who brought intriguing characters, storylines and quality safe wrestling on mattress.

Following his discovery of Global Backyard Wrestling News and taking interest in several federations it had to offer, and furthermore those on YouTube leading him to make channel The Backyard Wrestling Station, he conceived to found the wiki, more fuelled with some rebuttal towards the biase backyard wrestling article which Wikipedia contains on their database. Now, with abundant help, this wiki will embody the legacy brought forth from the beloved and controversial underground hobby.

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