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The Elite
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Name The Elite
Debut 2001
2007 (Re-debut)
Disbanded 2009
Promotion 2KW

The Elite was a backyard wrestling heel stable in 2KW that was originally birthed in 2001 and was the premiere faction of 2KW. The group depicted a close-knit wrecking crew that created impact through physical annihilation against the opposition and imposing a reckoning force. The Elite's latest version focused on the empowerment of holding all power and gold as the "Gold Elite". The stable disbanded after an abrupt loss of championship gold they had attained and a collision of egos between William Black and Kris Kage.




Original Elite

In 2001 during the parnership of 2KW (then known fully at 2000 Wrestling) with Ghetto Wrestling Alliance, a formation between J.S.A as the GWA/2KW World Champion, SyNN as the GWA/2KW Television Champion and Vinny Mac took place which became known as The Elite and kept to a trio movement. Following the split of the GWA and 2KW united world titles, William Black prevailed in a Battle Royal for the 2KW Championship and joined the group. By the end of the year, Elite feuded with Speed Demon and 2KW Intercontinental Champion WASP, who subsequently betrayed his partner and became the final member of the original Elite group.

Domination and signs of trouble (2007)

In March 2007, Check was involved in Round 1 of a 2KW Television Championship Tournament against Grifter accompanied by SyNN. Down to the climax, Grifter countered a chokeslam attempt by Check shoving him to the floor and in a puzzling finish, successfully pinned him. During the aftermath, Check gleefully embraced Grifter confirming his alliance with the group cited by commentary as The Elite. Shortly later at that event, The Elite heightened their upstart with initial acts of brutality committed during SyNN's first "Open Challenge" anything goes hardcore match which prominently began with Saylo. The vile onslaught involved light tubes, chairs, and cinnapore cane assaults by the entire stable, who also executed their finishing manuevers and what became the group's signature attack: the running "triple kick" to the head.

Their dominance escalated during the notable Dubb C's "Spotlight" interview segment on April 1 beating down LESW owner Shady and an intervening Joey "Doomsday" Resto SyNN had previously been feuding with, who opposed exceptionally belligerent in an attempt to defend Shady against The Elite but was ultimately assaulted, and driven down by an out-out-control SyNN with a Synndrome (Powerbomb) into a spot of fire and nearly set ablaze in the follow up which resulted in one of the craziest moments of the year. A feud between Grifter and Jamal Jackson subsequently arose due to accusations by Grifter surrounding humiliation and disrespect by a highly sarcastic Jackson, giving way to Grifter's notorious insanity stint. The short altercation spanned three matches, two of which Grifter prevailed in. Check was soon rewarded a supposedly vacated European Title by Grifter after defeating previous champion Ex-Con.

In summer of 2007, Check lost the European Title to Whiplash and went on to defeat Mike Goldston for the 2KW Title. In September, William Black joined The Elite interfering in Check's 2KW Title match and delivering an F5 to challenger Raze, however, Check was upset with the new addition to the group. The referee was also mistakenly thought to be apart of the group after a fast count that allowed Check to retain his title. Check had not last long as champion as Raze eventually dispossessed him of the gold. Check's problems within The Elite continued to grow against an arrogant Black and Grifter and the status of the group before 2007 closed out.

Continued Domination, Gold Elite, and Dissention (2008-2009)

The Elite during a segment on 2KW.

In March 2008, it became apparent in the inception of the new season that Check dissociated with The Elite and in turn, became a fan favorite going against the alliance. William Black, irate over a delayed 2KW World Championship match with a sidelined Raze, announced an "open challenge" responded by FNB resulting in an uproarious feud. Notably, the group commenced to adopt a sometimes comical attitude on particular occasions around while Grifter coined a catchphrase voicing audience and adversaries as "faggots". ToXXSyNN, realistically SyNN's real-life girlfriend, was also introduced as his new accompany.

Black won the NEW Heavyweight Championship at a New Epic Wrestling event and was soon seen wearin g the title on 2KW broadcasts as tot long after, SyNN and Grifter had won and started wearing the NEW Tag Team Championships.The Elite proclaimed that people such as Pyro, Matt Vengeance, Check, C-Red, Scythe and FNB, who they were engaged in conflicts with, all "wanted to be the elite", and declared they would convey why The Elite truly are The Elite. On the April 12 edition of 2KW Saturday, a victory was gained in 3-on-3 competition with Scythe, FNB and a fashionably late Saylo.

The group later started targeting Statik causing his disappearance from on-screen presence as well as Check, Hollywood and C-Red. SyNN and Grifter aimed to form an alliance with 2KW Tag Team Champions Bacardi & Cola (Jamal Jackson and G Murda). A partnership was dealed after an agreement to help each other out to retain in their upcoming title matches. However, SyNN and Grifter lost their tag titles in a Four Way Team match to Zoltan. That same event, Black achieved the 2KW Title. At Just Another Night on June 14, Grifter teamed with Scorpion to a loss against Hollywoof and C-Red, SyNN endured a loss to a returning Statik and Black ended up failing to retain his title in the main event against G-Styles.

In the ramifications of a unsuccessful night – where none of the members won their matches, a dissention within The Elite erupted. Grifter opted that he would henceforth be a better executive and start giving opportunities to “new up and coming guys” such as 2KW Television Champion C-4 as opposed to biase decision making. After Black held Grifter accountable for not preventing G-Styles from beating him by hitting him with the belt, Grifter claimed he was quitting Elite. Zoltan, who also accomplished more triumph by additionally defeated Jackson and C-4 for the 2KW Tag Team Championship at Just Another Night, challenged an equally reluctant Grifter and William Black to a tag match. During the match, Grifter receded from action leaving Black by himself. In a twist of matters, Black allowed Zoltan to get the win to seem as though Black sided with them. SyNN appeared to be in defense of Grifter against them, however, Grifter was tricked into an onslaught by Zoltan, Black and himself – all of whom essentially regrouped as a newer version of Elite.

Shortly, C-4 attacked Jamal Jackson to effectively end their substitute tag team partnership from Just Another Night (due to G Murda’s absence) upon his entrance into The Elite. Kris Kage, the new mouthpiece of the faction, declared they were out for absolute power and gold as “The Elite Gold Edition” or as referenced by commentary, “The Gold Elite”. An offer was given to 2KW Champion G-Styles to join but was ultimately declined. Black pursued the 2KW Title from G-Styles but resulted unsuccessful. Elite soon began being dispossessed of their reigns of supremacy against the roster when Joe Bullrog (C-4) lost his Television Title to Hollywood and Black lost his NEW Title in the rekindled feud with FNB.

In February 2009, Black fortunately recaptured the NEW Title at a 2KW/RWA Supershow in Rhode Island. On March 7 during the season premiere, The Elite (now officially sporting “E” Elite shirts) particularly Zoltan announced the unification of the NEW and 2KW Tag Team Titles into the 2KW United Tag Team Championship. At that same show, Zoltan retained their titles against A-List and Grifter and Pyro. Black sought to hold the NEW and 2KW Title simultaneously by winning the main event for the 2KW Title that night which he had not. Futhermore, new DWE Representative Jamal Jackson decided to unify both championships and reward it to Angel Ortiz, who had won the 2KW Title at the event. Thus, Black was conpensated with a shot at the Television Title successfully defeating Hollywood for it. Joe Bullrog also later won the European Title from Jackson.

2KW Junior Heavyweight Champion, Statik gradually joined The Elite betraying his short term tag partner Tek. The shift of power with Elite gaining back gold was regained only for a short time as at 2KW Divided We Stand on April 25, Statik was beaten by Novan Avila for his title, Zoltan lost their Tag Team belts to A-List leaving Black as the only member that retained his TV Title against Raze on that night. Following that, Black gloated around showing his arrogance claiming that the group "lacks focus" and if it wasn’t for him, and wanting to take Elite to the promised land, The Elite would have capsized long ago. Kris Kage defended in statements claiming that Zoltan saved the group during its dissention months ago and he himself had more work as the "mouthpiece" and the "recruiter", while Black had leaded and worried about himself declaring he was through with it, essentially claiming he could handle being a leader better than Black. Black partially withdraw himself to allow Kage to lead.

After Elite prevailed over Ray Sexy, Nolan Avila and A-List, Black clarified he respected their success without him but refused to disregard the outcome of Divided We Stand. This forced Joe Bullrog to remind Black why they allied saying Elite was about mutual support and not only about him, and added "you and Kage talking about being the leader, f*ck being the leader, it's who should get the gold...all of us". Black acknowledged not forgetting but reminded he was the only one with gold and reenforced that he should be leader. On May 23 in the conclusion of Statik's win against FX, The Elite including Black cohesively assaulted FX and appeared to be on the same page. Black was convinced that as a collective unit with him, they were unstoppable and requested apologies from everyone in the group for all the disrespect. Everyone but Zoltan gave in, as Kage apologized, however, on the fact that he allowed Black to lead him and Whiplash and that he had not superkicked him months ago enunciating how tired he was to hear Black reiterate his status while newer guys were around. This officially signified Zoltan's separation from the group and began the newly formed Black Express between Bullrog and Black, who later faced Zoltan the following week to a win in one of the last appearances of the group. After SyNN's match with Tek in the 2KW North Eastern Championship Tournament down the line which he won, The Elite as a group left together for the last time and had silently broke off thereafter.


Incarnation: Notes: Members:
The Elite (2001) Original incarnation in 2KW J.S.A, SyNN, Vinny Mac, William Black, WASP
The Elite V.2 Second incarnation in 2KW SyNN, Check, Grifter, William Black, ToXXSyNN subsequent accompany of SyNN
The Elite (2008-present) Third incarnation in 2KW SyNN, William Black, Whiplash, Kris Kage, Joe Bullrog, Statik, ToXXSyNN accompany of SyNN

In wrestling

  • Double team signature moves
    • Triple Yakuza Kick to kneeling opponent by three people in the group
    • Tidal Wave - a simultaneous frog splash & diving leg drop to 2 opponents by Zoltan
    • ZVT - a Death Valley Driver and Neckbreaker Drop by Zoltan
    • Kris Chin Music followed into Whippersnapper by Zoltan
    • Double Moonsault Press by Zoltan
    • Double Back Suplex by Zoltan
    • Backbreaker & Knee Drop by Zoltan
    • Double Suplex by Zoltan
    • Spinning Spinebuster Feint into Manhattan Drop & Jumping Lariat by Zoltan
  • Theme music
    • Neckbone by Powerman 5000

Championships and accomplishments


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