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Ring name Statik
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Born New York
Resides New York
Debut N/A

Statik is an American backyard wrestler in 2KW.

Backyard wrestling tenure

2KW (2008-present)

Statik made his debut for 2KW on the March 22, 2008 tapings of 2KW Saturday against Sik and Paul Epic in a Triple Threat match which he lost. The next week, Statik defeated The Beast with a cradle pin. Over the following weeks, a series of losses was endured to Brandon Lewis, Vyck St. Judas, and SyNN. By May, Statik began feuding with The Elite who pulverized him after a successful victory over Paul Epic. On the May 24 edition of 2KW Saturday, Statik lost a match to Grifter as well as gained a humiliating loss to ToXXSyNN with help by the rest of The Elite. Statik took time away following this and shortly returned ambushing Bacardi & Cola and The Elite, both in cahoots. At 2KW Just Another Night, Statik defeated SyNN due to interference from Saylo.

In July, Statik pinned 2KW Junior Heavyweight Champion Kamikazi in a non-title match. In August, he faced Kamikazi for the title, but however, fell short. That same month, he won a 6-Way Challenge for the 2KW Junior Heavyweight Title last eliminating Tek. Statik soon joined with Tek and had Whiplash and William Black defeated in a tag match both receiving a shot at Zoltan for the 2KW Tag Team Championship. Moreover, Tek and Statik would lose against Zoltan for the titles.

On the March 7, 2009 edition of the 2KW Saturday tapings following a 5 month winter hiatus, Statik defended his title against Tek. The two came to a dispute after Statik, lack thereof, tried to assist Tek in his business with Acejack following their match. On the March 21 edition of 2KW Saturday, Tek confronted Statik after his match to resolve the dispute, but Statik betrayed Tek to align with the gold Elite. At Divided We Stand, Statik defeated Tek last in his Lucky-7 Gauntlet Challenge for Junior Heavyweight Title, but in a last minute addition, Nolan Avila pinned him to win the title. As a result of being a fraction to the gold Elite lost at the event, Statik was involved with the Dissention of the group.

In wrestling

  • Finishing & signature moves
  • Statik Shock (Pumphandle into sideways double knees to back)
  • Jumper Cable (Canadian Destroyer) also uses avalanche version
  • Rising Sun (Reverse Huricanrana)
  • Release German Suplex
  • Super Kick
  • Diving Double Foot Stomp
  • Facebreaker into Neckbreaker
  • Running Corner Clothesline
  • Corkscrew Senton off the back of opponent on all fours
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