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Ring name Reaper
Height 6'0
Weight 220 lbs.
Born N/A
Resides Deepest part of Hell
Debut N/A
Website BWEUNVERSE Youtube

Reaper (Born Unknown), better known by his ring name, Reaper, is an American backyard wrestler currently wrestling with (BWE) Backyard Wrestling Entertainment.


Backyard Wrestling Career

Backyard Wrestling Entertainment (2010-Present)

Debut and Feud with Black Ice

Jimmy Nitro returned to the ring in a match against Black Ice, but near the end of the a mystery man enter the ring and attack Black Ice power bombing him and costing him the match. Black Ice wrestled a debuting wrestler by the name of The Crisis, Black Ice won the Match, but was attacked after the match by The Reaper again, but this time The Reaper tried to remove Black Ices Mask, but Jimmy Nitro stopped him and for that The Reaper delived a tombstone to him. Reaper then defeated Black Ice at BWE: Wrestle Bash, he then defeated both Reign and Black Ice on the next night's After Shock. Black Ice would then lose a Mask vs. Career match at BWE: Breaking The Limits. Reaper wrestled a debuting wrestler by the name Slim for the GBYWN Mid-South Championship & the LBYW Championship where he won both titles, but after the match Black Ice attacked him only to get chokeslamed. Black Ice challenged Reaper for both titles, but lose the match after Reaper delived a tomestone. Reaper than defeated Black Ice in a Mask vs. contract match where Reaper gained control over Black Ices contract.

LBYW Champion and GBYWN Mid-South Champion

After, Reaper successfully defeated Stone Hardy in a singles match, he performed a dark ritaul on Stone Hardy, where Stone was seen floating off the ground. On December 16, 2010, The GBYWN Owner vacanted the GBYWN Mid-South Championship leaving Reaper as just the LBYW Champion.


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