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Ring name Tek
Height 5'6
Weight 120 lbs
Born New York
Resides New York
Debut April 28, 2001

Tek is an American backyard wrestler who competes in 2KW and Elite Wrestling Association. He began wrestling around 2001 in a small federation known as UCW. However, he is best viewed for his days in upscale backyard wrestling federation United Wrestling Alliance (UWA).

Tek is observed as one of the best lightweight wrestlers in the practice, wrestling in high profile bouts with any size competitors, even having pursued pro championship belts in pro organizations. His additional claim to fame is his innovative catchphrase, "who wants to go swimming", a preceding to his patented Cannonball signature move.

Tek's overall backyard championship accomplishments include being a UWA Cruiserweight Champion, 2 time UWA Tag Team Champion and EWA Elite Tournament 2009 winner. Also in 2009, Tek was the first inducted into the GBYWNation Hall of Fame.


Backyard wrestling tenure/history

UCW (2001-2002)

On April 28, 2001 in Clark, New Jersey, Tek debuted in the backyard wrestling world taking on Savior as his inaugural opponent during what was the birth of a small New Jersey federation, UCW, which held matches on a mattress. Soon Shawn "Damage" McNelis and Enigma aligned with the diminitive roster that be. Futhermroe, UCW had gradually discovered a federation in Cramford called CXW, merging with it under an agreement which made CXW completely adopt into UCW.

Up to 2002, the federation succeeded well and Tek most highlighted time was competing in a Buried Alive and Casket Match with Vincent Valentine. That same year, a bitter strife between Tek and Savior held up construction that required of the ring and ultimately placed UCW into extinction.

United Wrestling Alliance (2002-2005)

Debut, New Reality and Ultra Violent Movement (2002-2003)

Almost conclusive his backyard tenure was over, Tek later stumbled across 1uwa.com in the midst of research online and after contacting the federation United Wrestling Alliance (UWA), him along with Vincent Valentine and Enigma were offered "contracts" by owner Vince Regal into the organization. In October 2002, Tek wrestled his debut match against Enigma for a successful victory. An invasion angle quickly developed briefly pushing Tek into semi-main event status by the end of the year.

Around the beginning of the 2003 season while not quite received by UWA fans, Tek then formed a team with Enigma known as The New Reality. At Brawl for it All in March, they defeated The Winants to become the UWA Tag Team Champions. The duo moved through the tag team ranks for awhile for the first half of the year. At UWA's flagship event, Armageddon IV, just as New Reality were within reach of retaining the championships in a TLC match, Enigma turned on Tek resulting in them losing the championships. The feud brewed and entered the Crossroads of Destiny supercard, where they competed in round one of the 4th annual Owen Hart Memorial Tournament which Tek won.

Tek was accosted by Acejack about their match against Arkum and Enigma on a Meltdown episode, who sought to explain to him the meaning of ultraviolent brutality since he was his partner. Although Tek was comedic with gruesome intentions as well as a jocular individual, Acejack invested his impression and both became known as the Ultra Violent Movement. The Movement defeated Arkum and Enigma in a tag team contest after a controversial double pinfall.

Acejack, the psychologically twisted mouthpiece of UVM, envisioned a frivolous and comedic upstarter in Tek as a younger brother to coach, and challenged him to an Ultraviolent Movement "Initiation" match. After Tek took Acejack to the limit, Acejack demanded Tek lay down for the pinfall which went abided and officially earned Tek his spot in their alliance.

UVM tiraded the roster and UWA Owner, Vince Regal for a few months at hand. Arkum, initially provoked by the faction, subsequently joined and the group feuded with Archadia, Angellus, and Sean "Damage" McNelis. By fall, with Tek's all-or-nothing risk taking coupled with his bastardized role in the UVM, at UWA's Redemption 2003 event, he turned on Acejack to break away from the stable pressing on to become a fan favorite. He also competed with Acejack for the UWA Heavyweight Championship but the match went to a no contest. He ended the year with a Last Breath match against Archadia. Additionally throughout the year, Tek had acquired pro training and competed in matches for pro wrestling championships.

Relations with Dr.John Bowes, Disciples of Darkness, and other ventures (2004-2005)

Tek wrestled Archadia, Syprus, and Acejack into the 2004 season. Mid-season, he formed a team with Dr. John Bowes and came up short in pursuits of the UWA Tag Team Championship which ultimately turned Bowes against Tek as a result of frustration following a match at UWA Hotter Than Hell. Bowes, for the remainder of the season, persisted in his assaults and defeated Tek in a match at UWA Aggression, however, Tek was triumph a month later at the season finale, UWA Last Breath in a Wheelchair match. On the offseason, he travelled with groups to various backyard wrestling supershows, most notably Pennsylvania's XWA performing against names like Dave Maynard, Fantastic Max and Tommy Flambeau, and also embroiled in further training with Mike Quest, Arkum, Dave Winant and Jay Lethal.

In the early 2005 season, Tek earned the entitlement to challenge for the vacant UWA Cruiserweight Championship defeating Kris Kaos at UWA Armageddon 2005. To boost his UWA status, Tek joined the alliance led by Vincent Valentine known as The Disciples of Darkness. He soon partnered with Kaos as The New Reality and won the UWA Tag Team Titles from The Winants to render himself a double champion. The team effectively thrived in the tag team ranks long until losing the tag belts at the final show of the federation, UWA Last Breath 2005, against High and Mighty (J-Spyder and Maverick). In 2006, Tek attended many different supershows after the end of UWA as well as the 2007 year and won a match against Arkum along with a 30 Man Over the top rope Battle Royal at UWA's Reunion show.

2KW (2008-present)

Tek at a 2KW show.

In July 2008, Tek made his debut in 2KW against Scorpion, but his defeat was sealed with a vicious Tombstone Piledriver. He also lost a match to former UWA ally, Dr. John Bowes after tapping to his Revelations submission hold and came up short in a 6-Way Challenge for the 2KW Junior Heavyweight Championship. This was compensated within victories over Matt Vengeance and Paul Epic. Tek aligned himself with Statik and had Whiplash and William Black defeated in a tag match both receiving a shot at Zoltan for the 2KW Tag Team Championship, and ended up losing.

On the March 7, 2009 edition of the 2KW Saturday tapings following a 5 month winter hiatus, Tek squared off for the 2KW Junior Heavyweight Championship against his partner Statik for a defeat. A problem stirred between the two when Statik intervened to, lack thereof, assist Tek during a match with Acejack. On the March 21 edition of 2KW Saturday, Tek confronted Statik after his match to resolve the dispute. Moreover, Statik betrayed Tek and paired himself with the gold-digging Elite. Tek lost to Statik in his Lucky-7 Gauntlet Challenge for Junior Heavyweight Title at 2KW Divided We Stand.

By June, Tek entered in on the 2KW North Eastern Championship Tournament advancing in the first match against SyNN, but going on to lose to G-Styles. Tek started teaming with Shawn Matthews. At the 2KW vs. JWA interfederation supershow, he unsuccessfully competed for the JWA Championship against Murph. A week later, Statik apologized to him for their history, but on that same show, he went against Matthews who defended his 2KW North Eastern Title with a win after assaulting Tek with the title. This kickstarted a feud between the two in September up until 2KW ceased their park shows in October.

At the first 2010 event 2KW Second Coming, Tek was called on to rival Matthews by Jamal Jackson, who claimed he was stepping down from the spotlight after his match with Matthews. Tek, however, became heel attacking Jackson leading to a co-existing beatdown alongside Matthews upon Jackson and his accompany Hypnotick.

Elite Wrestling Association (2009-present)

At EWA Evil Intentions 2009 on August 29, Tek's arrival in EWA was being prominently featured in a Triple Threat bout with champion Joe Hall and Ryan Brodie for the EWA Heavyweight Championship in a shortcoming endeavor. At EWA Extreme Measures, Tek and Ryan Brodie defeated Joe Hall and TJ Blade when Brodie forced Hall into submission. Victories were continued to be achieved within matches with Brandon the Bull and in a non-title match with Hall. On October 10 at EWA Elite I, Tek advanced over Benjamin Rite Backe, Dr. John Bowes as well as TJ Blade and Hybrid to become the Elite Tournament winner.

Joey Kaos joined EWA after he claimed he was contacted by Tek about the potential the federation possessed alike their days in UWA, but however that a group known as The Supremacy were dragging it down to make a name for themselves. Tek and Chaos shortly reformed the New Reality and began a feud with the opposing stable. At EWA Line in the Sand on November 6, The New Reality defeated The Supremacy. The two would collect wins at the last show of the year, EWA Retribution. At EWA Chaos II on March 27, 2010, Tek lost a match to J-2 Step.

In wrestling

  • Finishing & signature moves
    • Teknicality' (Double arm underhook Fame-Asser)
    • Cannonball (Diving Senton)
    • Cruiserweight Killer (Vertebreaker)
    • HighTekHate (Jumping Complete Shot)
    • Teknical Knockout (Jawbreaker)
    • Shining Apprentice (Shining Wizard reversal from powerbomb)
    • Deja-Vu (Multiple rotation headscissor takedown)
    • Field Goal Kick (Soccer Kick to Head)
    • Dragonrana
    • Sunset Flip Powerbomb off apron
  • Nicknames
    • "The King of BYW"
  • Quotes and Catchphrases
    • Raise the bar
    • Who wants to go swimming? (followed by) Cannonball!
  • Signature taunts
    • Throws arms up in the air
  • Tag Teams and Stables
    • The New Reality
    • The Disciples of Darkness
  • Entrance theme
    • Halo by Soil

Championships and accomplishments

  • United Wrestling Alliance
    • UWA Cruiserweight Championship (1 time)
    • UWA Tag Team Championship (2 times)
  • Elite Wrestling Association
    • EWA Elite Tournament Winner (2009)

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