Elite Wrestling Association

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Elite Wrestling Association
Acronym EWA
Established June 6, 2008
Format Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Base
Location Avenel, New Jersey
External links EWA Website
YouTube Channel

Elite Wrestling Association (EWA), is a backyard wrestling federation based in Avenel, New Jersey and founded in 2008.




The Elite Wrestling Association birthed off of the motivation to join backyard wrestling in its evolution into an artistic form of technical sport in contrast to the past and kickstarted its existence beginning from June 21, 2008 based in Middlesex County, New Jersey. The original 6 which started out in the federation were TJ Blade, Joe Hall, Brandon the Bull, Ryan Brodie, Joe Thomas (Tommy Kobryn), and Tim Bombay. Bombay fuelled the EWA with the storyline on the first event of being a big shot manager securing contracts for his clients to globally wrestle. He put forth a stipulation that if Brodie lost

Current champions

  • EWA Heavyweight Championship:
  • 6. Current Champion: Dr. John Bowes
  • 5. Tommy "Gunz" Kobryn
  • 4. "Better Then All" Joe Hall
  • 3. Ryan Brodie
  • 2. TJ Blade
  • 1. "Bad Boy" Mike Del
  • EWA Tri State Championship:
  • 3. Current Champion: Joey Kaos
  • 2. TJ Blade
  • 1. Tommy "Gunz" Kobryn
  • EWA Tag Team Championships:
  • 2. Current Champions: "The Fat and The Furious" Brandon The Bull and El Crotcho
  • 1. "The Supremcy" "Bad Boy" Mike Del and "Referee" James Kindrell

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