2KW vs. JWA

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2KW vs. JWA
Promotion 2KW
Date August 1, 2009
Venue Little Flower Playground
Location Manhattan, New York

2KW vs. JWA was a backyard wrestling supershow hosted by New York based park wrestling federation 2KW which took place at the Little Flower Playground park in Manhattan, New York on August 1, 2009. The event played host to featuring both 2KW and Jersey Wrestling Allstars (JWA) talent both representing their respective derivances.




The 2KW vs. JWA event featured talent from both 2KW and JWA as well as 10 wrestling matches with predetermined booking and outcomes and furthering scripted feuds and storylines. The planning for the event went underway in June following an acclaimed invitational match between JWA's Joey Adams and Whiplash ensuing the collaboration. The event was organized by the 2KW owner and booker, SyNN, to occur at 2KW's usual event area at the Little Flower Playground park in Manhattan, New York.


# Results Stipulations Times
1 Raze defeated FX via pinfall. Last Man Standing match N/A
2 Murph (c) defeated Tek via pinfall. Singles match for JWA Championship N/A
3 Jamal Jackson defeated Angel Ortiz via pinfall. Singles match N/A
4 Dread defeated Statik via pinfall. Singles match N/A
5 Crimson OG defeated Shawn Matthews and Ryan Rage via pinfall. Triple Threat match for JWA Fearless Championship N/A
6 TKO defeat Hollywood and Joe Bullrog Triple Threat match N/A
7 William Black defeated Matt Demorest via pinfall. Singles match N/A
8 A-List defeated Joey Adams and Assassin via pinfall Singles match for vacated 2KW World Championship N/A
9 Grifter defeated Sik via pinfall Singles match N/A
10 FNB and Kris Kage defeated Great Styles and Check via pinfall Tag Team match N/A


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