2009 season in 2KW

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This is the history of the 2009 Season in 2KW, which begins on March 7 and ends in October. The following highlights the crucial events that occured during the term.


Season history

March to June

2KW entered 2009 with high fanatic momentum. Firstly The Elite greeting in the season and introducing the new 2KW United Tag Team Championship belts fused together from the NEW and 2KW Tag Team Championships and Angel Ortiz achieving the 2KW World Championship and being crowned the new inaugural 2KW United World Champion which the NEW Heavyweight Championship was unified with. Following the course of the initial event, a chain-reaction of broken tag teams sequenced the previous season's break-up of FNB and Scythe in Team Stiff, with Hollywood intentionally costing his partner Great Styles (in HollyStyles) the 2KW World Title in a 6 Man Champions Elimination match by single-handed eliminating him. Jamal Jackson and G-Murda also ended as the once known Bacardi & Cola team.

As a result that the NEW Heavyweight Title was unified with the 2KW World Title to fuse both histories of each championship that was rewarded to Ortiz, it loned Black without his NEW Title before he briefly won the 2KW Television Championship. Following this, Grifter announced his retirement and in turn, deteriorated his partnership with Scorpion before becoming the new Divided World Entertainment Representative. The Elite soon found a new member in 2KW Junior Heavyweight Champion Statik, after he renounced a friendship with Tek. Raze began embarking on a vicious path to gain gold from Black. At 2KW Divided We Stand 2009 in April, all Elite members omitting William Black lost their championships starting a decline of the group. But at the same show, three new champions were realized including Nolan Avilla as 2KW Junior Heavyweight Champion, A-List who finally became 2KW United Tag Team Champions and Zero, who became 2KW United World Champion for his first time.

While shows were procrastinated due to weather conditions for weeks, the introduction of the 2KW North Eastern Championship managed to pull through.

July to December

Shawn Matthews, after attending the finals with Great Styles in a Northeast Tournament, he became first champion. As Kris Kage went out independently from foreshadows of the Elite group and Zoltan association, he amounted to finally achieving the vacant 2KW Title in July.


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