Jersey Wrestling Allstars

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Jersey Wrestling Allstars
Acronym JWA
Established 2008-present
Style Athletic and technical wrestling
Format Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Base
Location New Jersey
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Jersey Wrestling Allstars (JWA) is a backyard wrestling federation conceived by Ryan Rage and Assassin in 2008 originally as a backyard supershow. It is made up of recurring members from federations ETTW, New Jersey Xtreme Wrestling Federation (defunct), Trampoline Allstar Wrestling, Backyard Wrestling Elite (defunct), and Northeast Championship Wrestling as well outsiders that are welcomed.



Origination and Success

In the summer of 2008, backyard wrestlers Ryan Rage and Assassin had conceived the idea to bring about a supershow union originally purposed to annually showcase the finest of Jersey backyard wrestling with the comprising of ETTW, Trampoline Allstar Wrestling, New Jersey Xtreme Wrestling Federation, Northeast Championship Wrestling, and Backyard Wrestling Elite to complete Jersey Wrestling Allstars. Discussion became active and interest for the event was generated on the GBYWN forums with the booking and organization being put in place and radiating potential. Just a week before the showdown, one or two ads had surfaced online for it.

On August 15, JWA 1, their first supershow in conjunction with GBYWN was presented featuring eventful action in a combination of 8 matches which were a TLC match between Chris Jade and Crimson OG, Danny Madness & John Crosby against Jack Lethal & Glenn Evans, The Crippler against Matt Demorest, Champions 4 Way between Shawn Matthews, Ace Reed, Assassin, and Ryan Rage, the All-Star Rumble Match, an Iron Man match between Maximum and PJ Matthews and Winner of Champions 4 Way against Winner of All-Star Rumble. The supershow in itself received many positive receptions for the summer of 2008 and distinctively outstood several of events.

JWA Weekly and Sporadic Operation

In January 2009, after positive feedback which followed the impression of JWA 1, it was only fitting to upper management involved to fully become a backyard wrestling federation. JWA debuted JWA Week 1 in late January, of what would be the chronogical beginning of weekly episodic tapings. This only lasted very shortly before weekly episodes ceased to be filmed or broadcasted.

Soon after, Rage was no longer able to host events at his residence, causing the federation to become occasional in its progress. JWA continues to host one of the top backyard wrestling supershows of the year, JWA.

On the December 2, 2009 edition of Backyard Wrestling Weekly, AWGP was inducted into Global Backyard Wrestling Nation.

Special Events

Date Event Notes
August 15, 2008
JWA Jersey Wrestling Allstars 1
A successful supershow for JWA that led to its transformation into a federation
JWA Fallout
May 30, 2009
JWA Jersey Wrestling Allstars 2
June 5, 2010
JWA III: Northeast Extravaganza
Upcoming event


Championships Current champion(s) Date Won Previous Champion
JWA Championship Murph May 30, 2009 Matt Demorest
JWA Fearless Championship Crimson OG August 1, 2009 Shawn Matthews

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