Matt Demorest

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Matt Demorest
Ring name Matt Demorest
Height 5'10
Weight 190 lbs.
Born September 19, 1990 (age 19)
New Jersey
Resides New Jersey
Debut 2003

Matt Demorest (Matt Duh-more-est) is an American backyard wrestler renowned with acclaim in the backyard wrestling community. He is involved with Jersey-based federation, Extreme Technical Trampoline Wrestling (ETTW) which he co-founded and debuted in since 2003 and Jersey Wrestling Allstars (JWA).

Overall, Demorest holds promise with his aggressive all-round ability in the backyard whether performing on a trampoline, mat or inside of a wrestling ring. He sometimes organizes trips to compete in alternate federation events outside the two he is in such as to Unbelievable Youth Wrestling (UYW). His championship success includes being a 3-time ETTW Champion, a 3-time ETTW Light Heavyweight Champion, a 1-time JWA Champion and a 1-time TAW Champion.


Backyard wrestling tenure

Bio summary

In 2003, Matt Demorest co-founded Extreme Technical Trampoline Wrestling which he continued to wrestle in under only the name "Matt" as the federation later took itself online in 2006. A year and a half thereafter, he adapted "Demorest" as the last name. In videos shared across YouTube showcasing ETTW, Demorest has stood out immensely with his pro-like ability and gained popularity in fans and those around the backyard wrestling world.

Extreme Technical Trampoline Wrestling (2006-present)

In 2006, Matt, going under single name and real first name "Matt" along with other performers, began appearing in ETTW numbered music videos submitted online. In his first visible singles match on October 14, 2007, Matt impressively wrestled Glenn to a no-contest in a contender's match due to intervention by Pat. While subsequently ETTW and NNW were drawing battlelines, Matt succeeded in representing ETTW.

A month later, Matt competed against Glenn who had won the ETTW Championship. With the title at stake in a No Disqualification match, Matt was hit with a Death Valley Driver apparently brief from falling short when momentarily, Pat and TKO interfered to assault Glenn and aide Matt to capturing his first ETTW Title.

Various Feuds (Glenn Evans, Jamie Anderson, TKO, Dylan Creese (2008-2010)

During the 2008 period, ETTW gained a large amount of popularity and was recognised as one of the major backyard wrestlign federations on the Internet. After various matches with Dylan Creese amd teaming with Glenn (the ETTW champion at the time), Matt lost a No.1 Contenders match to Patrick Poison. Growing tired of Matt losing matches and thus putting his title at stake, Glenn assaulted Matt. At Retaliation, Matt defeated Glenn in a 3 Stages of Hell match, after beating the 10 count in the third match, a Last Man Standing match.

On the October 5th 2008 edition of ETTW, Demorest faced Jamie Anderson. After Demorest reversed the Crippler Crossface into a pin, both men were announced the winners of the match since both men had their shoulders on the ground. Demorest then attacked Jamie after the match. The two faced off again in a Lumberjack match where Matt taped out to Jamies Crippler Crossface. This led to an intense fued between the two. After Demorest faced Anderson in an Ironman match and left the arena after hitting Jamie with a chair, the two faced off in a Unsanctioned Match at Infliction. Demorest won the match after a Downfall using a chair onto Jamie.

Demorest competed at UYW's Battle for the Belt 2008 against Twist for the UYW Championship, but he lost the match due to getting himself disqualified after refusing to break the count on his Liontamer on Twist.

ETTW's January 19th 2009 show showed Demorest emerging the victor in a No.1 Contendership Triple Threat between him, Jamie Anderson and Dylan Creese. Demorest faced TKO at Oblivion 2 for the championship and won after a Downfall, putting Demorest on his 2nd ETTW title reign. Then at Deception, the PPV after Oblivion, Demorest competed in a Battle Royal where if he won, he would not have to defend his title at Not Enough. However, MrE won the Battle Royal and became the No.1 Contender. Demorest attacked MrE after the match. Soon after, Rob Funk alligned himself with Demorest as his "personal assistant" and accompanied him to matches.

Demorest competed in an 8-way JWA Championship match on Jersey Wrestling Allstars which involved him, TKO, Joey Adams, PJ Matthews, FX, Ryan RAGE, John Crosby and Ace Reed. Demorest won the match after a Low Blow into a Schoolboy on PJ Matthews and thus captured his first JWA Championship.

At Not Enough, MrE did not appear at the event, meaning he was dropped from the World Title Match. Matt then made an open challenge, which was answered by a now face Glenn Evans. Demorest turned down Glenn's challenge and instead pitted Rob Funk against Glenn. However, the Gm of ETTW scheduled a match between Matt Demorest and TKO. In their Last Man Standing match, Demorest won the match after hitting a Downfall on TKO whilst using a chair. As a show of respect, Demorest shook TKO's hand before the 10 count. Soon after winning the match, Dylan emerged from backstage with a now-heel Jamie Anderson and cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Both Anderson and Creese attacked Matt, hitting him with the title belt and Dylan connected with his finisher the Turning Point. Dylan then pinned Matt and won the ETTW Championship from him, ending Matt's 2nd ETTW title reign.On the April 28th 2009 edition of ETTW, Demorest faced Creese in a rematch but won the match as the result of a disqualification after Anderson attacked him again. MrE came out and alligned himself with Demorest, but was attacked by Anderson. Rob Funk then left Demorest and attacked him, revealing that he had sided with Creese. Glenn Evans then preceded to help Demorest and MrE as well as TKO. As Creese, Anderson and MrE were warded off, TKO made a suprise heel turn by hitting Demorest with a chair and MrE with a spear. Evans proceeded to stop TKO with an Egotrip, but missed and was hit by a True Story. Creese and his team then left Demorest in the middle of the ring.

Demorest faced Creese at Day of the Destined in a Triple Threat Street Fight including Double D, which he lost although he was not involved in the final decision; Creese pinned Doube D to reatin the championship. Demorest once again faced Creese at Point of No Return in a TLC Match but was unsuccessful in winning the ETTW Championship; he lost due to interference from Patrick Poison.

At Jersey Wrestling Allstars II, Demorest lost the JWA Championship to Murph after Murph reversed the Liontamer into a roll-up. Demorest left the arena distraught from losing two championships back-to-back.

Matt Demorest lost again to MrE in a Triple Threat match also involving Patrick Poison, causing Matt to attack MrE out of frustration. This turned Demorest heel once again. Matt began to feud with MrE, defeating him for the re-instated ETTW Light Heavyweight Championship which marked his second reign. At Pain for Pride, Demorest lost the championship to MrE, only to win it back at The Final Chapter. Matt Demorest then faced Glenn Evans for the championship at Infliction, ending his third reign. Demorest failed to re-capture the title at Oblivion III that also had the World Heavyweight Championship on the line, once again losing to Glenn Evans.

Matt Demorest appeared at Battle for the Belt 3, where he defeated Aaron Solomon on Day 1 and attacked Twist during his match for the vacant UYW Championship. This sparked a re-match during Day 2 between Demorest and Twist, which Matt won by submission via. Liontamer.

After Oblivion III, Matt Demorest disappeared from ETTW.

Ryuu, Third World Championship reign (2010-present)

After Demorest disappeared, Ryuu re-surged and began to compete for ETTW. Ryuu competed in the World CHampionship Tournament for the ETTW Championship, ultimately losing to Jamie Anderson in the finals. Ryuu would then win the Money in the Bank briefcase at Deception 2010 in a Ladder Match also involving MrE and Dylan Creese. Ryuu would then go on to feud with Creese, turning heel in the process, as Creese claimed that Ryuu was Matt Demorest and seeked to unmask him. Ryuu defeated Dylan Creese in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls match at Not Enough 2010l where the first two falls were Hardcore Matches and the third fall was Last Man Standing. Jamie Anderson then became involved with Ryuu, leading to a Triple Threat match at Day of the Destined between Ryuu, Creese and Anderson which Ryuu also won. During the match, Ryuu's mask ripped and a shot showed part of Demorest's face exposed. Ryuu then attacked Jamie Anderson and fractured his wrist with a Steel Chair. On the same night, Ryuu revealed himself to be Matt Demorest and, with the help of a now-heel Creese cashed in his Money in the Bank on a newly crowned MrE to become a three-time ETTW Champion.

Matt defeated MrE in a rematch on the August 1st edition of ETTW to retain his ETTW Championship but was attacked by Jamie, re-igniting their feud. At Pain or Pride 2010, Demorest defeated Jamie Anderson in a Street Fight to retain the ETTW Championship. Glenn Evans returned to ETTW the following week, setting his sights on the ETTW Championship. On the November 14th edition of ETTW, Matt Demorest defeated Jamie Anderson and Glenn Evans in a Triple Threat Match to retain the ETTW Championship. On the November 25th edition of ETTW, a tournament took place to determine a No.1 Contender for the ETTW Championship who would face Demorest that night. A returning G-Fatal won the tournament and faced Demorest but won by count-out meaning Demorest retained his championship. A rematch was organised for the December 26th edition of ETTW, which G-Fatal won to win the ETTW Championship for the first time in his career and end Matt Demorest's third reign.

In wrestling

Matt Demorest applying the Liontamer to Twist at UYW Battle for the Belt 2008.
  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Liontamer
    • Downfall (Reverse Death Valley Driver into Knee strike)
    • Jackhammer
    • Snapmare and Dropkick
    • Muta Lock
    • Stalling Star Press
    • Backbreaker
    • Styles Clash
    • F-5
    • Screwdriver
    • Running Powerslam
    • Final Cut (usually from the ring edge onto the floor or the second rope)
    • Backflip Kick
    • Backstabber

Championships and accomplishments

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