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PJ Matthews
Ring name PJ Matthews
Height 5'11
Weight 130 lbs
Born January 24, 1992 (age 18)
Danbury, Connecticut
Resides Danbury, Connecticut
Debut 2005

PJ Matthews (born January 24, 1992), is an American backyard wrestler occasionally active in backyard wrestling events. Matthews owned and involved himself as a wrestler in the defunct Kick Ass Wrestling (KAW) and currently Northeast Championship Wrestling enjoying multiple championship reigns including becoming first ever and 3-time KAW Champion, 1-time KAW Hardcore Champion, and 3-time KAW Tag Team Championship. He also competes for Jersey Wrestling Allstars (JWA). In a group that organized events known as Northeast Shenanigans (NES), he was the first ever NES Champion.

In 2008, Matthews escalated to one of the top heard of community stars with prominent matches against Maximum, Orion, and marquee competitor Joe Randa, both of which were confrontations outside NECW. He was also apart of factions, Revolution in 2007, but more noteworthy, The Renegades through 2008. Matthews has been added to the Icons list of BYWpedia.


Backyard wrestling tenure

Kick Ass Wrestling

Time in Revolution (2005/2007)

PJ Matthews during entrance.

In 2005, PJ Matthews engaged in backyard wrestling performing in his own federation Kick Ass Wrestling (KAW) and became the first ever KAW Champion while the federation existed offline. Matthews initially took on a saint-like Shawn Michaels-inspired gimmick wearing a cape, praying before his matches, and soon sporting a cross on his clothing. In 2007, a stable by the name of Revolution was later assembled between himself, Nick Adams and John Crosby. This alliance would encounter some problems early by KAW Showdown, however, the group stayed allied and enjoyed success at KAW Adrenaline Rush, where Matthews teamed with Adams against American Eagles to win the KAW Tag Team Championship with assist from Crosby and later in the night, Matthews defeated Jack Lethal (J Fatal) in a submission match. The Tag Titles were shortly lost to Jake Hudson and Ace Reed while defended by Crosby and Adams.

Matthews accomplished winning the KAW Hardcore Championship after a victorious defeat over Jake Hudson, both who had their associates in their corner. In an effort with Crosby, they attempted to regain the Tag Titles to no avail as Matthews continued to win and lose a few matches still remaining Hardcore Champion. Later, Matthews surprised Adams with a superkick in the duration of a Triple Threat Elimination match on KAW Blackout 18 which ensued a Hardcore match an episode later between the two officiated by Crosby which Matthews lost.

Following that event, Matthews amended his actions by helping Adams in his match with Hudson with the use of a superkick. In contrast at KAW Weekend of Champions 2007, Adams turned on Matthews in their tag match before Matthews could execute a superkick on Crosby (who partnered with Reed) allowing Reed to advantageously capitalize by defeating Matthews for the KAW Hardcore Championship. Matthews went on to earn a shot at the KAW Title and prolonged the feud with Adams for the title but came up short. On Blackout 95, two masked individuals attacked Matthews and Adams, and revealed themselves as Break the Walls Down (Ace Reed and John Crosby), making an exclamation that Crosby left the Revolution.

PJ Matthews aligned himself with Jack Lethal and Alex Martin for a brief time to go against Adams, Crosby and Reed. At KAW Steel City 2007, Matthews achieved his second reign as KAW Champion and entered a title rampage defending his championship in every bout eliminating even Reed from facing him as long as he is champion after a Last Chance match. Soon, Crosby "legitimized" a mysterious "Crosby Championship" and subsequently claimed it a World Championship after allegedly beating Reed for it in Bermuda and retaining it against Alex Martin in KAW stating he was a top dog champion over Matthews. This situation led to KAW 69th Spectacular 2007, where Matthews lost his title in a Title Unification match to Crosby that settled their feud. Furthermore, at KAW Fall Retreat 2007, Matthews gained his third run with the KAW Title becoming the survivor in a Retreat Rumble. He was also involved in a Loser Gets a Haircut match at KAW Showdown II which he had lost before the year concluded with him still possessing the title.

Retirement, Triumphant Comeback and The Renegades (2008)

PJ Matthews in return to
Kick Ass Wrestling.

In the early portion of the new year, Matthews stood beside the Crossbreeds stable with alternate members Crosby and Hades as they rivalled The Four Aces. On Blackout 74, he came out to help his partner Crosby against Reed but accidentally missed a superkick targetted to Reed who dodged ending up hitting Crosby embroiling them in a dispute. Crosby, Reed and Adams all held entitlement for a match with Matthews for the KAW World Title and at KAW Adrenaline Rush II, Matthews had the title contested in a Fourway Elimination match, losing the championship to Reed. Appallingly after this contest, Matthews delivered an emotional public notice that he was retiring after a year of backyard wrestling in over 100 matches, more preferably to pursue pro wrestling training as he was saluted by his peers.

Although Matthews was retired, he was called out to a match with Murph and obliged. Reed tantalized a return of Matthews, claiming he was now the face of KAW. However, following two months, on KAW Blackout 87, Reed finished up with a tag match and during his promo some apparent christian theme began playing, before Unkind by Hurt and finally Comatose by Skillet for the triumphant comeback of Matthews abandoning a brief retirement saying he was "out of comatose", invoking his rematch clause for the next supershow.

PJ Matthews and Ace Reed during
announcement of The Renegades.

This, moreover, witnessed a developing new side to Matthews obtaining new attire, burning his bridges with Crosby and the Crossbreeds to become his own and feuding with Reed both finding time to attack each other including on segment KAW Controversial (and also competed in a few dark matches). In the summer that year, Crosby voiced that Reed would lose to Matthews for the belt that gave Reed the impulse to fight him as Matthews restrained Reed off his former partner.

At KAW Out of Comatose 2007, Matthews failed to regain the title from Reed after giving in to a triangle submission hold in a Falls Count Anywhere match. At the same show, he wrestled what was voted as GBYWN Dream Match of the Year 2008 with Shawn Matthews, though, it was not a match actually on the card. On the following episode, Reed and Matthews discuss that tonight would be their final encounter. Later that night, Reed defeated Matthews after a poke and flying poke to unveil the hidden plan to bring about The Renegades (as Matthews turned heel) fusing together The Four Aces with Matthews, Danny Madness and Adams. Before the end of KAW, he wrestled a Loser Leaves the Renegades match with Adams to a no contest.

Northeast Championship Wrestling

NECW and Other Involvements (2008-present)

Following suit of the merger between NECW, BCW and EWA after Matthews as KAW owner co-agreed with BCW owner Murph and EWA owner Shawn Matthews, the group welcomed Shawn himself into the faction (later Aaron Foley briefly). PJ began enhancing his physical capabilities during this time. The Renegades, led by PJ and Reed, created their own YouTube account "TheRenegadesTV" and commenced to broadcast their social promos with sparks of sexual themes, and comedic hilarities, the basis of which were aimed to entertain the online community ending up with Renegades being favored in the GBYWN Power 25. However, they were held as a strung together unit and fought one another without withdrawal if necessary.

PJ Matthews had an opposite-ends tag match against Nick Adams, but Adams turned on him in the end in favor of the Crossbreeds. Around such time, PJ Matthews was developing his "I Am Better Than You" gimmick, even travelling to Round Lake Syndicate Wrestling to compete in a NES Championship tournament and defeated Orion (Drake Cannon) in the finals, carrying the title over to NECW where he then engaged in a heated sort of jealousy feud with John Crosby that climaxed at NECW Union 2008 which witnessed unsual behaviour by Matthews.

PJ Matthews confronts Joe Randa
at RLSW No Remorse 3.

The Renegades continued to descend when Shawn Matthews was offered a full time roster spot in 2KW gone accepted. Late fall, PJ Matthews received his biggest match yet against a marquee veteran Joe Randa, who has beaten many big names in his acclaimed federation Championship Wrestling Association. The three year dream match in the making was answered at RLSW No Remorse 3, where PJ solidified himself with a massive victory. Back in NECW, PJ Matthews teamed with Reed sporting his old pants (a remnant of his past) and later after removing them, lashed out on his partner Reed with a lariat, introducing his demented "Are You Alive" character. Shortly however, PJ Matthews declared in a promo at NECW's last show of 2008 that he no longer wanted to be crazy and instead entertain and maintain his legacy in backyard wrestling.

PJ got into a storyline altercation with J Fatal that carried into NECW Adrenaline Rush 3 on February 22, and 27 of 2009. In April, he also made a highlight performance at an indoor NECW Pro Access Wrestling show against Drake Cannon. In May, Matthews travelled to the PEANUT federation to face Ian Finnegan successfully winning.

Northeast Shenanigans (2008)

At the first Northeast Shenanigans 1 supershow in fall of 2008, Matthews successed a tournament for the NES Championship defeating Orion (Drake Cannnon) for the win. At Northeast Shenanigans 3 in winter 2009, Matthews wrestled J-Fatal to a win in a Street Fight.

Jersey Wrestling Allstars (2008-present)

Matthews competed at the first Jersey Wrestling Allstars I supershow on August 15, 2008 in a hard fought 30 Minute Ironman match with Maximum which resulted in a draw. Matthews joined the JWA when it officially became a federation rather than a recurring supershow in January 2009.

At JWA Fallout, Matthews fought Matt Demorest for the JWA Championship but lost. At JWA II, Matthews engaged in an anticipated match with Double D and won. The two had a rematch at the BXW Damn You Paul Kunkle event which resulted the same.

In wrestling

PJ Matthews connects with a Lariat on AJ Badd at Northeast Shenanigans 1.
PJ Matthews executing his Superkick on J Fatal at NECW Adrenaline Rush 3.
  • Finishing moves
    • Lariat
    • Superkick
  • Signature moves
    • Backfist from the Past (Backhand slap)
    • Brainbuster
    • Curb Stomp
    • Dead on Arrival (Running Lariat)
    • Double Wristclutch Northern Lights Suplex
    • Dropkick
    • Fucked Up (Modified vertical suplex)
    • Face Wash (executed on a seated opponent)
    • Leg Lariat
    • Snap suplex
    • Spinal Tap (Corkscrew somersault senton bomb)
  • Quotes
    • "I am better than you!" - used in 2008
  • Entrance Theme
    • "The Test" by Fozzy (Remix)
    • "Comatose" by Skillet
    • "Unkind" by Hurt
    • "Tattoo" by Big Mother Thruster

Championships and accomplishments

  • Kick Ass Wrestling
    • KAW Championship (3 times, first ever)
    • KAW Hardcore Championship (1 time)
    • KAW Tag Team Championship (3 times) with Revolution (2), with Nick Adams (1)
    • Double Champion
    • First Triple Crown Champion
  • Northeast Shenanigans


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