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Danny Danger
Ring name Danny Danger
Height 5'10"
Weight 155lbs
Born United States
Resides Easton, Pennsylvania
Debut 2006

Double D is a professional wrestler and former backyard wrestler. In backyard wrestling, Danger had wrestled for federations Trampoline Championship Wrestling and YouTube Championship Wrestling becoming popular in the community in 2007. Currently, he is the reigning storyline General Manager of ETTW.


Backyard wrestling tenure

TCW and YouCW

Danger spent the better of 2006 and 2007 wrestling in his backyard federation, Trampoline Championship Wrestling (TCW) as well as Youtube Championship Wrestling (YouCW) involving in feuds, storylines and championship bouts and impressing the online community with his most recognizable quality being his outstanding charisma. A well received backyard match was against Shawn Matthews at an event titled EWA Reborn 2007 for the EWA Championship.



On August 8, 2008 at UYW Bring Your Best: Legends Return, TCW and YouCW Champion Danny Danger made a one-time return to backyard wrestling and wrestled Twist for the titles that were from a defunct federations and encountered a loss. Twist had subsequently unified the titles into the Championship Wrestling Championship. Danger was not heard of or seen for quite some time after in the backyard wrestling world.

In October, a dark and mysterious online masked gimmick poster known as "TheForsakenOne" surfaced on the GBYWN forums. Popular belief speculated it was Danny Danger, who was not featured in any backyard program for a long time, or that is was Joey Adams or PJ Matthews. For several weeks, TheForsakenOne accused the forum of members for having "forsakened" and "disregarded" him over a periodic amount of time and prolonged his anonymity utilizing witty psychological mindgames.

At a ETTW vs. YouTW show some time in early December, the unknown personality was revealed to be Danny Danger during his entrance to a match with Matt Demorest which he won and labelled Demorest "disregarded". At UYW Battle for the Belt 2008 on December 13, Danger attacked Joey Adams and also claimed he had been "disregarded" in a continuing rampant act to regain some value in backyard wrestling through some of its known wrestlers in the community.


At the ETTW Valentines Day Special in February 2009, Danger decided to renounce his rampage with "disregarding" and sought a reason to attend ETTW's biggest show, Oblivion by challenging ETTW Champion TKO for the title warranted by a win over former champion Matt Demorest who he defeated. The title opportunity later slipped through as Demorest beat TKO at Oblivion to become the champion. In UYW, Danger fought Twist for the UYW Championship in an emotional match-up where Twist prevailed.

Later in September, Danger announced that he became the new part time General Manager for ETTW by supposedly discovering ETTW's YouTube account password and altering the email to his own as well as changing the password. He also introduced a new trampoline with netting for the federation. The GM character as part of the "ETTW YouTube Manager's Home Improvement" planned to lend advise for improvement of what he quotes as being a "promotion", frequently taking a frivolous approach with actions including mispronouncing ETTW, misinterpreting event names and uttering other hilarities.


On the February 7, 2010 ETTW show, after some time absent from ETTW due to other outside commitments, the trampoline was unpermittedly switched back to a netless one which upset Danger forcing him to abuse authority and anticipate firing Jamie Anderson which only rather began a bitterness between them with Danger seeking to do all to ware Anderson down.

Professional Wrestling

Danger concluded his time as a backyard wrestler in 2007 and acquired licensing as a professional wrestler. Ever since, he has wrestled for independent promotions Liberty Wrestling Organization where he is a 1 time LWO National Champion, Bodyslam Wrestling Organization and Clash Wrestling. In 2009, he also appeared on WWE television during an ECW on Syfy broadcast losing in a squash match to Ezekiel Jackson.

Personal feuds

Danger proceeds to have an ongoing long-standing feud with his former friend Shawn Matthews. The spark of the embittered relationship began notably when Danger had rejected the idea of wrestling Matthews at a profitable BLADE show in February 2009 for alleged professional restrictions and instead, showed up to wrestle at trampoline federation ETTW. This enraged Matthews due to the opportunity for a payday which Danger was supposedly forced to turn down. Matthews has since voiced Danger as a "pussy" and "D.Anny Danger backyard wrestler" and called him out for a fight that has went avoided by Danger. Danger had also withheld himself from a scheduled match with Kris Kage at a 2KW show in the summer that same year which angered Kage.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • The Danger Dog (Modified bulldog)
    • Superkick
    • Knees to the back of seated opponent followed by a double running knee off the ropes
    • Legdrop
    • Dropkick
    • Right-handed jab
  • Nicknames
    • "The Dangerously Amazing Daredevil"
  • Quotes
    • You're facing the highflyer, the risktaker, the daredevil, the dangerously amazing Danny Danger"
    • "You're facing the highflyer, the risktaker, the daredevil, the dangerously amazing backyard legend"

Championships and accomplishments

  • Liberty Wrestling Organization (Pro Wrestling)
    • LWO National Championship (1 time)

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