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Ring name Twist
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Born November 14, 1993 (age 16)
Resides Buffalo, New York
Debut July 5, 2007

Twist is an American backyard wrestler from the New York backyard wrestling federation Unbelievable Youth Wrestling (UYW). He began wrestling at the age of 13, young alike his comrades in the home and internet-based organization. His name is also a reference to his high risk style of athletics. Twist has worked on honing his ability over the years and also receives professional counsel by close friend and professional wrestler Danny Danger. His accomplishments in backyard wrestling include being 1-time CW Champion and 1-time UYW Champion. Twist's aspirations are to one day become a professional wrestler.


Backyard wrestling tenure

Unbelievable Youth Wrestling


As many backyarders began young, Twist, at 13 years of age at most notable, started wrestling in his backyard trampoline wrestling federation, Unbelievable Yard Wrestling (UYW) on its first episode to YouTube on July 5, 2007 defeating Razor Sharp. A feud developed between him and the Flame Brothers, and thus, formed a team with Black Panther known as Jungle Thunder. At the first ever supercard UYW Collateral Damage in August, Twist claimed his partner Panther was sidelined with a dislocated shoulder and would still take on the Flame Brothers as scheduled, and despite a defensive effort and Panther still showing, the Flames would ultimately win the match.

After this, Jungle Thunder silently broke off and the feud with Flame Brothers would begin settling down. Twist also fought his last match of the season at November supercard, UYW Phantom of the Fire to a draw against Razor Sharp for the UYW Insane Hardcore Championship that was vacated by General Manager Aaron Solomon on the spot.


On episode 9 into the new season, Twist expressed an irritated dislike with the authoritive decisions being made and forced into co-existence with an adversary in Razor Sharp, both concurring to compete in a "King Me" four team competition later in the day (factually two teams) for the common privilege of the two ever receiving a shot back at the Insane Hardcore Title. Both would prevail in the match.

Twist found himself with shot at the UYW City Nation Championship against champion Dred and Shock, however, he unfortunately came out with a loss. Fed up with Solomon's match making along with most of the roster, Twist along with everyone else declined upon a scheduled 3-on-3 Hardcore match that would go penalized with "career termination" if anyone were to no-show, thus, compelling all to compete. The next week later during the hellacious match teaming with Dred and Drew Flame against Razor Sharp, Fire Pit (Shock and Randy Flame), Twist stunningly turned heel revealing a cahoots with former rival in Randy, both simultaneously attacking their tag partners in the match.

His actions were explained to reflect his displeasure in not succeeding in prominent matches for opportunities and so, aligned with Randy Flame to use their domination to assume supremacy and proceeded to name themselves, Aggression. As this transaction cleared, Randy disbanded the Fire Pit stable he had going that included Shock. Twist pushed for his shot at Drew Flame for the UYW Title, and earned it by defeating him in a non-title match. At the supercard UYW Slay Day, Twist battled Drew for the UYW Title but the match went to a no contest.

A management shift followed off the storyline purchase of UYW by Jason Marrs. Moreover, Twist's time of ascension transpired at UYW Bring Your Best: Legends Return. At the event, he surmounted the stacked odds of defeating former legendary backyard wrestler Double D for his TCW and YouCW Championships, later unified into the Championship Wrestling Championship. This achievement swelled the prideful ego of Twist into mocking and downgrading wrestlers from other backyard federations such as BWE's Overkill and ETTW's Matt Demorest.

While inexplicably still General Manager, Solomon instructed Iceberg to destruct the UYW Title off Drew Flame with a sledgehammer, he also attempted to have the same done for the CW Championship but Twist refused to allow his accomplishment be disrespected leading to the vacation of the CW Championship and announced to be contested between Twist and Drew at UYW Summer Bloodshed (which was cancelled). Twist continued posting videos (with a noticeable change in character) aimed at Matt Demorest leading to one of the most anticipated showdowns in backyard wrestling history at UYW Battle for the Belt 2008, the same event he faced Andrew Blayre (formerly Drew Flame) for the vacant UYW Title and won. In his stellar match with Demorest for the title, he was able to retain as a result of a disqualification when Demorest refused to release a Boston Crab.


Twist started displaying sportsmanship and respect towards his opponents. This importantly started after a match between Team Aggression against Kyle Khaos and Andrew Blayre that they lost on episode 18 in March which hinted at some conflict based on Flame's disapproval and dislike for Blayre who he was feuding with at the time. However, that was not the case. Khaos soon earned himself a shot at Twist and the UYW Title. At Warriors Jurisdiction in June, Twist retained his title against Khaos.

Twist wrestled one or two non-exhibition bouts with Patrick Poison and Joey Adams while UYW was not doing any show tapings. An emotional match was seen during his second encounter with Double D which he won. In October on episode 21, Twist stated how he held the UYW Title for almost a year advancing over competitors such as Joey Adams, Matt Demorest and Double D. Shortly, Poison sought to empower his girlfriend Chelsea as General Manager since the spot was unoccupied. Chelsea voicing her disgust with Twist being the face of UYW, arranged a title contender's match for her boyfriend that he won because of her interference. In a non-exhibition taping of UYW, Twist was double crossed by his partner Flame and lost his title in a Triple Threat match with Poison and Ryan Black that Black won.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Twistabomb
    • The Split Second
    • Superkick
    • Tornado Torsion
    • Standing Shooting Star Press
    • Corkscrew Senton
    • Apron Frankensteiner
    • Jumping Calf Kick
    • Corkscrew Elbow
    • Spinning Lariat

Championships and accomplishments

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