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A Supercard or free per view, is a sport event used as a makeshift term for the equivalent of "pay per view" which is a rarity for backyard wrestling as in fact, the practice usually does not generate any profit for ungoverned events that take place in predominantly unprofessional areas. This is due to federations not procuring deals for PPV television for their unprofessional environment, diminitive attendance and the fact that PPV companies wish not to support or endorse it. However, supercards are respected in the same way a pay per view is, with the federation's biggest matches and feuds being featured on the card.


Other instances


Since arguably 2006, the growing culture of backyard wrestling supershows began to grow globally. Normally seen as a non-taped houseshow in professional wrestling promotions, backyard wrestling has incorporated the specialty of the type of event differently as a multi-match, cross promotion mega show which is taped and distributed online and features wrestlers of various federations that are mostly in the boundaries of their shared territory as occasionally, some wrestlers willingly travel from further distances. Although these shows are organized largely, the attendance, most of which are usually the wrestlers, still remains small.

In Australia, In Your House Wrestling Alliance, Hunter Valley Wrestling Alliance, HWS and Lost Cause Wrestling Alliance put together many supershows between the four federations. In Europe, German federations XAWA, XWAA, GEWA, OWG, WFW, XWC and GWA hold their most prestigious event of the year called German Backyardfest. Within South America, Brazilian federations BWA, MCW, MIA, SOHW, and WOB wrestle interfederation bouts.

In North America's United States, with a lot more federations operated than the rest of the world on the west and east coast, supershows are more abundantly produced. On the western side, Collision Championship Wrestling, Indiana Championship Wrestling, Davenport Wrestling Alliance, Bridgeview Wrestling Association, Xtreme 2 Xtraordinary Wrestling and northeastern federation Suicidal Wrestling Clash have a partnership. On the eastern side, Elite Wrestling Association, War Zone Wrestling, Suicidal Wrestling Clash, PEANUT, Backyard Kamikaze Wrestling, Jersey Wrestling Allstars, ETTW, and Northeast Championship Wrestling also sometimes have supershows together. Top recurring supershows today in the US are Jersey Wrestling Allstars, Just Another Supershow, Backyard Supremacy, WZW Domination, and Wrestlegasm. Canada does not have any supershows notiably active, and in fact, there have been only a very few federations heard of on the internet.

In 2007, a backyard wrestling supershow in America, Backyard Fest 10 was held and was arguably the longest backyard event taking place on 7 days of a week. Others have featured multi-day supershows such as the New York's defunct Round Lake Syndicate Wrestling with RLSW No Remorse or Just Another Supershow and Backyard Supremacy for comtemporary federations. In the US, it has become popular that backyard wrestlers stay over a night or two of the weekend planned event after travelling to the show and have fun during a time called "hangings".

Live streaming and iPPV

In the availability of free live streaming in contemporary technology, very few backyard wrestling federations actually use it for nonprofit causes, nor even have a product that could have consumers spend on. But Wisconsin federation Steve N Ross Wrestling left a mark in backyard wrestling history when they advanced on their kid-friendly presentation featuring gimmick characters and the two top guys behind the federation, Steve Weezy and Rosstaman and successfully earned paid income by fans on their live streamed pay per views. It was the first and only noted time a backyard federation has ever established a profitable online league using internet PPV.


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