RLSW No Remorse 3

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RLSW No Remorse 3
Promotion Round Lake Syndicate Wrestling
Date November 7-9, 2008
Venue RLSW Arena
Location Round Lake, New York
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RLSW No Remorse 3
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RLSW No Remorse 3
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RLSW No Remorse 3 (or NR3 and NRIII) was a backyard wrestling interpromotional supershow event produced by Round Lake Syndicate Wrestling (RLSW), which took place between November 7-9 2008 at the RLSW Arena in Round Lake, New York. The event marked the third annual No Remorse flagship spectacular considered one of the highest profile supershows in 2008 earning the GBYWN Best Supershow of the Year 2008 Award, and in addition this year, became a interpromotional supershow hosted by RLSW.



RLSW and several other federations organized to hold a supershow at the RLSW Arena. An average of 30 matches over a 2 day course featured performers from Backyard Kamikaze Wrestling (BKW), 3 Count Wrestling (3CW), Universal Championship Wrestling (UCW), War Zone Wrestling (WZW), the defunct Championship Wrestling Association (CWA), and Northeast Championship Wrestling (NECW). An anticipated feud heading into No Remorse 3 was between Joe Randa and PJ Matthews, who both decided to answer this dream match envisaged by members of the GBYWN community and before the event, a highlight promo was created to hype the confrontation.


Day Results Stipulations Times
1 Joe Randa defeated Erik Scott and DC Jones Triple Threat match N/A
1 The Prodigy defeated Genocide and Drake Cannon Triple Threat match N/A
1 AJ Badd defeated Max Vender Singles match N/A
1 Joe Randa defeated Drake Cannon Singles match N/A
1 Robby Roberts defeated Erik Scott Singles match N/A
1 The Prodigy defeated Alex Cross Singles match N/A
2 Thor defeated Mr. Colin Singles match N/A
2 Drake Cannon defeated Skye Bynes Singles match N/A
2 Gray Tee defeated J2-Step, Erik Scott, and Andy Royal Fatal Four Way match N/A
2 Scotty Skills defeated Matty Nude Singles match N/A
2 Alex Cross defeated Mike Christian Singles match N/A
2 Incarnation and Mad Mosher defeated JD Static and EA Static Tag Team match N/A
2 DC Jones defeated Max Vender Singles match N/A
2 Tommy Flambeau defeated B-Cubed Singles match N/A
2 David Auburn def. Scuba Steve Singles match N/A
2 The Dream defeated Tyrant Singles match N/A
2 Robby Roberts defeated Joe Randa, Genocide, and Daniel Divine Singles match N/A
2 AJ Badd vs The Prodigy went to a 30 minute draw Singles match N/A
3 B.R.B. defeated Mad Mosher Singles match N/A
3 The Dream defeated Scuba Steve Singles match N/A
3 Incarnation defeated Mr. Colin Singles match N/A
3 Daniel Divine defeated Max Vender Singles match N/A
3 Robby Roberts defeated Scotty Skills Singles match N/A
3 Alex Cross defeated Erik Scott Singles match N/A
3 The Prodigy defeated Skye Bynes and David Auburn Triple Threat match N/A
3 PJ Matthews defeated Joe Randa Singles match N/A
3 J2-Step defeated Ace Reed Singles match N/A
3 Gray Tee defeated Alex Spades Singles match N/A
3 JT Dynomite and Ace Reed wrestled to a tie Singles match N/A
3 Drake Cannon defeated AJ Badd (c), Genocide, Thor, and DC Jones 5-Man Scramble match for RLSW World Championship N/A


RLSW No Remorse 3 was a huge hit to end the year of backyard wrestling shpershows arguably and perhaps surpassing Jersey Wrestling Allstars 1 and UYW Battle for the Belt 2008. The topflight matches on the card were regarded as PJ Matthews against Joe Randa and AJ Badd against The Prodigy.


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