Ryan Rage

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Ring name Ryan RAGE
Height 6'0
Weight 240 lbs
Born New Jersey
Resides New Jersey
Debut N/A

Ryan Rage (typset as Ryan RAGE) is a American backyard wrestler. Rage presided over and wrestled in Backyard Wrestling Elite (BWE) until it folded in 2008 for the onset of Jersey Wrestling Allstars (JWA) where he is the host of its events.


Backyard wrestling tenure

Backyard Wrestling Elite (2007-2008)

Rage founded and owned Backyard Wrestling Elite (BWE) and had his first official wrestling match at Hardcore Heaven 2007 in a Hardcore match for the BWE Championship with Overkill, however, the match was lost. After facing Overkill at Christmas Bash, he won the BWE Title for his inaugural reign. This reign depicted Rage as a willingly defensive champion allied with RJ Styles and a target between Silent Enemy and Overkill who shortly formed an alliance. Rage, though, soon made an apparent heel turn pushing his partner Styles down after a Champion vs. Champion match with him on BWE Implosion Week 3 which he won.

At BWE Last Resort into 2008, Rage lost the BWE Championship in a 5-Man King of the Mountain match to Overkill which was following an assault by interference by an anonymous individual, who he later called out to no response. Rage shortly put the BWE Hardcore Championship on himself as a result of injury on part of then champion RJ Styles during a night special BWE Hardcore Title 24/7 that quickly switched hands ending on High Voltage who he subsequently defeated for the title on Implosion Week 7 but lost it back at BWE Collision Course. Moreover, a week later, Rage proclaimed he had disabled High Voltage to prove his advarsary wasn't "hardcore enough" to hold the belt, and that the title was surrendered to him.

Rage went on to get dispossessed of the title at BWE Uprising. During an invasion by Trampoline Allstars Wrestling (TAW), Rage competed separately with Jay Static and Joey Adams both for the TAW Championship but did not prevail. At BWE's last show entitled Rise to Superstardom, Rage beat PJ Matthews to become the last BWE Champion.

Jersey Wrestling Allstars (2008-present)

JWA, co-conceived between Ryan Rage and Assassin, was presented on August 15, 2008 to hold the event called JWA I which Rage initially hosted and stayed host therefrom. Into January 2009, it was decided that JWA would transition to a full fledge federation. On its first weekly installment, JWA Week 1, Rage made an open challenge which to his surprise brought out Shawn Matthews and led to a loss. At JWA Fallout, Rage defeated RLSW's Drake Cannon.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • FYC (Catatonic into Anaconda Vice)
    • Backfist to the Future
    • German suplex
    • T-Bone suplex

Championships and accomplishments

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