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Currently, the federation utilizes one show entitled 2KW Saturdays taking place almost every week as their weekly tapings webcast, semi-retiring 2KW Tuesdays and annually producing a Free-per-view known as Just Another Night. They have sanctioned seven championships in their federation, including the 2KW World, Television, European, Jr. Heavyweight and Tag Team Championships and even two belts from a defunct organization, N.E.W, known as the NEW Heavyweight and Tag Team Championships.

Formerly 2000 (2K) Wrestling, 2KW eventually abridged its name to initials, left to trademark their dedicated efforts into online promotion. It has operated successfully over a decade mostly offline, amassing over 300 various competitors with a solid 45 today. They have also acquired countless publicity including in two UPN news articles and appeared in the Best of Backyard Wrestling and Maxim Magazine's B-There Volume 2 DVDs.

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