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Backyard Wrestling Weekly
Genre Backyard wrestling
Created by Rad Hazard
Starring Backyard wrestling federations
Country of origin United States
Running time 2-7 part (Approx. 15 min. per video)
Broadcast YouTube
No. of seasons 3
Original Run October 12, 2008 - Present
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Backyard Wrestling Weekly (or BWW) is a backyard wrestling webcast program for Global Backyard Wrestling Nation which airs weekly on a daily part-by-part basis. It was created in October 2008 and is produced and hosted all by popular backyard wrestling personality Rad Hazard. The show covers event news, results, profiles, championship rankings, and sporadically, hall of fame inductions, using media from different federations on the program. The program is currently backyard wrestling's only strong going show and was said to be conceived to bring unity in backyard wrestling.




Daniel Baldwin, a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, had taken interest in backyard wrestling having done it before. In September 2008, he began promoting his backyard wrestling community Backyard Wrestling World on YouTube video pages and channels and later released advertisements promoting his new weekly backyard wrestling webcast program Backyard Wrestling Weekly over two weeks leading to its premiere on October 12, adhering to a sunday schedule.

The initial beliefs from Baldwin were full of skepticism for the show as he felt insufficient interest was garnered from the ads. Backyard Wrestling Weekly debuted as a 10 minute formatted program, though was critical received for its focus on sterreotypical backyard wrestling in clips on a monitor in the background, but was a success for Hazard, attracting the backyard wrestling world. On the second episode, Baldwin altered his name to a backyard wrestling type name known as Rad Hazard and proceeded to cover backyard wrestling developments.

Hazard subsequently commented on his status in the third edition thanking viewers and stating that, "at the very beginning, I didn't expect anyone to watch this show. Why would they watch some random guy from Las Vegas who has no matches on YouTube". With the promotional help of Global Wrestling Circuit (GWC) channel on YouTube, the program gained 1000 plus views a week in combination on both accounts. In November, the show shifted to a two-part program and featured a more cutting-edge intro to the previous up until the end of 2008 before going back to the first.

Hindrance on Progression

In November 2008, Hazard discovered the existence of backyard wrestling federations in his Vegas area. His first Backyard Wrestling Weekly ad had explained that he would wrestle if there were any in his location. BWW started to become posted late on a Wednesday instead of it's usual Sunday time. Soon after announcing the formation of a Vegas backyard wrestling alliance, Battle Born Wrestling (BBW) debuted successfully and conflicted with the BWW program schedule that caused time constraints with Hazard (visible with late episodes), ending up with BWW eventually taking a back seat to an upstarting BBW.

Return and Faces of Backyard Wrestling Initiative

The first logo used for Backyard
Wrestling Weekly from October
2008 to June 2009.

In February 2009, Rad Hazard addressed to the community that the Backyard Wrestling Weekly schedule was to be resumed beginning on March 1, and repremiered with a larger airing time. However, after the show shortly returned, Hazard realized how time consuming it was for the editorial process of the show between it and BBW.

Moreover, instead of renouncing the program, he presented the Faces of Backyard Wrestling Initiative, a concept designed to feature backyard wrestlers and/or personalities as new hosts during every show with the first host being Cassias Chaos. From then on, the show had been presented on an occasional basis and featured on a varying 3-6 part format until June when the show stopped airing completely although one or two episode were filmed by Breakthrough Wrestling Entertainment. The show was also allegedly bid for sale to CJ Lennon and his independent Lennon Productions company during the Radical Movement storyline partly based on a real event, but Hazard ultimately denied and continued running his show.

Third run of the show

In November 2009, promos were broadcasted promoting the reincarnated return of the program with the original host by popular demand Rad Hazard and aired its first episode on November 25. On the first return episode, exclusive news was broken that Battle Born Wrestling and Global Backyard Wrestling News merged to create Global Backyard Wrestling Nation. The GBYWN Year End Awards also saw its first media presentation for its forth annual 2009 awards on the show.

On the June 16, 2010 Backyard Wrestling Weekly episode, Hazard debuted his new concept, Championship Initiative unfying federation championship into GBYWN territorial titles.

Notes and Features

Backyard Wrestling Weekly is usually recorded from Rad Hazard's own residence from a select part of his home in Las Vegas, Nevada, and in the first episodes, had a television monitor in the background showcasing bits of backyard wrestling action, but was not used for any episodes for the most of 2009. It was however, reimplemented in the reincarnation of the series late in the year. Since 2010, the show has been taken on the road and co-hosted.

The method episodes of the show are produced vary, as when it began, only aired for the duration of 10 minutes (1 part video) suiting YouTube's 10 minute limit. That 10 minutes would soon be expanded to 20 (2-part 10 minute video) after a demand and eventually escalated to more airing time reaching its highest of 7 parts. As the video time limit increased to 15 minute in 2010, the show airs up to four 15 minute-part videos.

The first segments were "Top Rope News", "Backyard Wrestling Spotlight" and "Mark Out Moment" and later changed to "Backyard Wrestling Recaps", "Federation Spotlight" (a federation induction into the alliance), "Global Backyard Wrestling Nation Rankings", "Mark Out Moment of the Week", "Championship Initiative", as well as sporadically, often monthly, a GBYWN Hall of Fame Induction. Overall since 2008, 4 intros have been used for the show.

Distribution and Avavilability

Distribution level Channel Website
Internationally Public


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