Radical Movement

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Radical Movement
Last members Johnny Light
Mike Creston
Grizzly Grief
Zaq Cass
Former members Focalin
Rad Hazard
Chris Dickens
Primetime Tim Sanders
Name Radical Movement
Debut 2009
Promotion Battle Born Wrestling

Radical Movement was a backyard wrestling neutral alliance consisting last of notiably Johnny Light, Bonecrusher and Mike Creston. The group was formed in 2009 by leader Rad Hazard as an opposing unit with the farfetched quest to terminate Battle Born Wrestling and all of backyard wrestling in avenging the loss of his girlfriend over it.

The rivalry between the Radical Movement and the opposition or "backyard wrestling movement" became quite the interactive online storyline which involved many from different promotions mostly at the forefront, Rad Hazard's own BBW body of federations alliance. In October 2009, Hazard was evicted from the group at ICW Midwest Extravaganza and the Movement and storyline slowly dissolved.



Establishment of Radical Movement (2009)

In legitimate distress over the real separation with real-life girlfriend, Terra Calaway (then Ria Calaway) in June 2009, Rad Hazard expressed his unrelenting drive towards the agenda of taking down backyard wrestling for its culpability of the situation, which was pinned to him prioritizing it over his girlfriend. After what appeared to be a shoot monologue he submitted online that garnered attention, it was soon cleared up to be understood as a storyline.

Hazard sought retribution against a practice he reflects is a "curse", "a greed for glory" and "self-respect" that deprived him livelihood, favoring to avoid the same results for others by destructing it. The group officially stemmed at Hazard's offer to conpensate anyone from any federation with $5000 (earned from an alleged sale from the Boards of Directors to Lennon Productions due to Hazard going lunatic) if they were to vacate their own or cause alternatives to vacate their championships, a utilized ploy in his way of convincing those to create chaos in their federation. Hazard later declared "my movement is small, but it's got the right people in it", signifying he had formed a resistance.

Progress and end of the Movement (2009)

Starting July, the Radical Movement took its course online receiving approval and disapprovals from people of different federations in Battle Born Wrestling via a series of videos and promos most of which opposed the Movement and its cause with some claiming they had endured worse because of backyard wrestling. However, acquisitions were successful in Zaq Cass, Mike Creston, Primetime Tim Sanders, Grizzly Grief and eventually the fabric of the entire situation, Terra Calaway, who Hazard convinced to join as co-leader. In such case, the Movement stumbled across oppositions that included members of Darkstar, CJ Lennon, Ryan Ragnarok (the first member of opposition), Stunt, California Kid, Trent Mattson, Focalin, Mike Faucher, Insaniac, Shawn Selby, King BW, Chris Dickens, Bsnow, Mike Faucher, Chongo, and the like. Hazard's confidence grew watching the expansion of his movement, so far that GBYWN World Heavyweight Champion and Darkstar member FX had to respond to claims Hazard made towards being able to defeat him in a match, prompting FX to say he would "kill" him. After trading disparaging words, the feud had entered into West Fest.

At West Fest in August 2009, Hazard beated out decorated champions Nails and Rich Cross in a Triple Threat match to crown the inaugural BBW United States Heavyweight Champion. After signing wavers he would compete with FX to a 3-3 draw in a "Title for title" 15 Minute Ironman match (originally scheduled for 30 minutes) when the referee halted the match in concern for Hazard after having taken multiple drops on his neck. After the match, Calaway executed her betrayal on Hazard with an assault with her GBYWN World Women's Championship to align with the Darkstar faction. Still with some confidence despite signs of hesitation for the "cause" of the Radical Movement, Hazard stirred the Movement momentum to a supershow being hosted in Indiana, ICW Midwest Extravaganza, where he claimed Movement members already surfaced around.

Adrenaline Wrestling Foundation's Chris Dickens and Primetime Tim Sanders entered themselves into the battle for backyard wrestling and while so, Tim Sanders joined up with the Radical Movement going against backyard wrestling and AWF and gained the rights over a whole promotion called EGW, and changed the name to the Radical Wrestling Alliance. Chris Dickens was against everything the Radical Movement stood for and proclaimed himself the General of the "backyard wrestling movement". It would later be revealed that Dickens and Sanders, along with Rad Hazard, were all on the same page, and in fact both Dickens and Sanders were now the Generals of the Radical Movement, and were planning on taking over backyard wrestling one promotion at a time.

At ICW Midwest Extravaganza, it became known that the newest members were Bonecrusher and Johnny Light and also the surprising addition of Focalin, who had first unceremoniously declined to join in. The Radical Movement picked up another stroke of progress during a high profile match at the event between Focalin and The Pen Name, with intervention by Hazard causing the eventual results of Focalin being victorious. In a turn of events, however, Hazard physically eliminated Focalin from the group, drawing citations back to Focalin's first offer to join the Movement. Hazard stated about Bonecrusher and Light, "these guys never betrayed me, these guys never put their personal issues in front of the Movement and they never will because they're true leaders... and when I'm gone they will take over for me". Following that, Bonecrusher said in a witty sequence, "that's about right", and proceeded to boot Hazard out of the group for aiding a Darkstar member in his ex Calaway earlier in the show and kicking Focalin out the group for doing the same thing of placing personal issue before cause, claiming the Radical Movement was now the "Dangerous Movement".

Shortly after Bonecrusher and Johnny Light took over the Radical Movement, Mike Creston proclaimed himself the Commander and Chief of the Movement. This statement got an immediate answer from the Generals Chris Dickens and Primetime Tim Sanders, as they stood their grounds against the new faces of the movement and dropped their roles as the Generals of the Radical Movement, and stood behind Rad Hazard. After this, the Dangerous Movement renamed to "Imminent Danger", the Radical Movement and the entire storyline phased out and Hazard went on to redeem himself by bringing back Backyard Wrestling Weekly.

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