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In 2001, four 6-8th graders started wrestling in a living room and called it PWF(Plaquemine Wrestling Federation). In 2002, they added another guy, a trampoline, and called it AWO(American Wrestling Organization). The AWO only wrestled once. After years of talking and "joking" about starting a backyard wrestling fed, someone finally took a step. They got 5 guys together and started taping. This became the AWA(Attitude Wrestling Association). Note: These are not trained wrestlers, some not even athletic, or even wrestling fans. This is just friends having fun.

On March 25, 2005, the AWA held it's first event to crown the first ever AWA Champion. The tournament consisted of wrestlers, Fabulous, Problem Child, Rapid, Grizzly Greif, Rapid, and Skull. It was a tournament to crown the champion, each winner of the first round matches would face eachother in the finals in a triple threat match for the gold. The title match ended up being Fabulous vs. Grizzly Greif vs. Ryder. Ryder won the title in what was a great match between three guys who would eventually shake up the AWA.

A week later, the AWA brings out there General Manager who was a huge fan of Stone Cold Steve Austin, named Doc "Holiday" Austin. He let's everybody know that the AWA would be having their first ever ladder match here in the AWA. Pitting, the current champion, Ryder against Rapid and Grizzly Greif in a triple threat ladder match. A very good match, that sees a new champion in Rapid, after Rapid and Ryder worked together to eliminate the big man (Grizzly Greif was legitamately hurt after the move. This can be seen on on the video entitled AWA II). With Rapid becoming the champion, he decided he would humiliate his opponents from the match, which ended up having him put in a match against Ryder for the AWA championship in a Hair vs. Hair match.

The Sinners Take Over

After Ryder's frustrations with the AWA General Manager grew, Ryder decided that he had a plan, and that he was going to do something about the injustice that had been served and handed down by Mr. Austin. During the next show, Doc Austin booked a championship match, which made Ryder happy, but Austin announced that the match would be between Rapid and Grizzly Greif. Before the match, Rapid enlisted the help of Fabulous, asking him to watch his back during the title match. During the match, Grizzly Greif and Rapid went back and forth, right when Rapid was getting the upper hand, out comes Ryder and starts putting a beating on the champion. While Grizzly Greif and Ryder are beating down the champion, out comes Fabulous, but instead of helping Rapid, he hit Rapid with a stiff right hook. All three men continued to beat down the champion, and Grizzly Greif chokeslammed Rapid and covered him and won the AWA Championship. After the match, Ryder, Grizzly Greif and Fabulous all stood in the camera view and announced that they were here to take over the AWA and they were now called The Sinners. They each had matching bald heads and vowed to take over.



  • ACW Championship: Ryder
  • ACW Tag Team Championship: Ryder and Grizz
  • SEC Championship: Grizz
  • ACW Deathmatch Championship: Grizz


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