Zaq Cass

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Zaq Cass
Ring name "The Finale" Zaq Cass
Height 6'2"
Weight 245 lbs
Born Greenfield, Indiana
Debut 2006 (EXWF), September 2008 (CCW)

"The Finale" Zaq Cass (born Zachary Robert Cass; Sept. 26, 1990) is a American backyard wrestler from Greenfield, IN, who currently wrestles for Collision Championship Wrestling


Wrestling in General

  • Zaq Cass started wrestling in 2006 for now defunct Evolutionary Xtreme Wrestling Federation on and off, more on around the time of its departure. When out of EXWF, Cass and two other ex-EXWF wrestlers, Anthony Cox (Anthony Lee) and Bryce Meadors started thinking up ideas for their own federation. Meadors and Cass became co-owners, with Cass and Lee doing the actual work. Eventually, Meadors moved, giving full ownership to Cass. When EXWF returned in the summer of 2008, Cass almost abandoned the idea of his own fed, but EXWF quickly fell apart, giving Cass and Lee another opportunity at creating something. Asking past EXWF wrestlers and everyone else they knew who liked backyarding to join, Lee and Cass set their sights for September 2008, and they delivered, filming the first CCW Forsaken on September 6, 2008 featuring a promo between the two and a match between them as the main event.
  • Over time, Cass started feeling as if he were losing passion to wrestle as some personal matters were leaving him depressed. He gave up full ownership to Lee, stating that he would still wrestle as well as help out where he could. Around this time he had also agreed to be the on-screen general manager of BCWO, a federation that went defunct after only a few episodes.

Collision Championship Wrestling

  • Zaq Cass became the first CCW Champion at Deliverance against Anthony Lee in a Ladder match. On December 31, 2008, Zaq Cass would lose that title to Superdork in a Last Man Standing match where Xcal interfered and attacked him. Superdork would have to vacate the title eleven day later, when it was discovered his leg was still broken. The title went vacant, and in a battle royal to determine the two contenders for a title, Zaq Cass would hit the Tragic Finale (Spinebuster/clotherline combo) on Xcal, taking both him and Xcal out. At the next FPV, Xcal and the two contenders didn't make it, so the main event featured Zaq Cass calling out anybody for a shot at the CCW title. Panther Lad would except the challenge, and Zaq Cass would win to earn his second run as CCW Champion. However, a short time later, Zaq Cass would lose that title to FDA in a singles match on CCW's show, Forsaken after another interference.
  • Zaq would then once again team with Tragic Finale partner, Anthony Lee for a short period of time against Matt Kuhstoss and Shannon Sharp, Sharp being the one who cost him the title. Zaq Cass was then put out for a couple of weeks, returning with a dislike for his own tag team partner, who never cared to visit him. He would then proceed to help Matt Kuhstoss win various matches and the Sadistic Title from Anthony Lee.
  • At CCW Trifecta Tournament, Zaq Cass would win his triple threat qualifying match and the Sadistic title all at once with the help of Mike Creston. Mike would then attack him and partner Matt Kuhstoss and take Cass's spot in the main event.
  • After a loss on CCW Forsaken, Zaq Cass went looking for Kuhstoss who wasn't there to help him in his match (Zaq Cass helping Kuhstoss beat Xcal earlier in the show). Cass found Kuhstoss flirting with his sister, Taylor. This led to a match at Hang 'em High for the Sadistic Title. During the match, Taylor Cass turned on her brother but Zaq Cass went on to win the match. As he left a broken Kuhstoss on the ground, he uttered, "I'll take the title, you can keep your whore."
  • In a triple threat match between Cass, Anthony Lee, and then CCW Champion FDA, Zaq Cass got pinned, and if he lost the Sadistic title at Showdown, would never be able to compete for it again.
  • At CCW Showdown 2009, Zaq Cass lost his title to Matt Kuhstoss in a two out of three falls match. Not being able to compete for the Sadistic title, Cass turned toward the new CCW Champion, Anthony Lee. At CCW's One Year Show, Anthony Lee and Zaq Cass once again had a Pick Your Poison match, this time with Anthony Lee winning. Lee picked a Tables Match, and retained his title against Cass at Deliverance.
  • Zaq Cass would then proceed to feud with various people, leading to his feud with once rival, Superdork. In their final match, a Stolen Finisher Careers match, Superdork hit the Back Spazm on Cass, and Cass left the company.
  • Soon after, the General Manager of CCW, Carie McMichael, would not show up. In a match between KTK and FDA, the new general manager was announced as the Special Guest referee. It was Cass. Cass would then find enemies with various people, but for the most part, was an impartial GM.

CCW: Welcome to the Real World

At CCW: Welcome to the Real World, Zaq Cass took on Cody Jacobs and Marcus Maximus in a triple threat match. Cass would win this match by pinning Jacobs. On day 2, Cass faced friend Shawn Selby in a singles match, picking up the clean victory. After the match Happy Psycho would attack Selby and when Selby dealt a low blow to Psycho, Cass would low blow Selby to even up the odds, allowing Psycho to continue his attack on Selby

Collision Championship Wrestling con't

  • After the downfall of ICW, Zaq Cass announced a few of the wrestlers as new CCW wrestlers. Cass also started a feud with Mike Creston. Creston was trying to retire, but Cass wouldn't let him until he won a match. At the same time, Cass would challenge KingBW for his World Elite title in a losing effort.
  • At CCW Shattered Dreams 2010, Zaq Cass would pull Anthony Lee out of the main event due to his lack of respect. Zaq Cass would then stop an attack by Lee on Matt Massacre (Once Matt Kuhstoss), giving himself a face turn. He would then tell Lee that they would have a match. That match ended in a double countout after a double neckbreaker.

RCW:There's Wrestling in Wisconsin?

Signatures & Finishers

Zaq Cass performs his Yoshitatsu High Kick on NTDW's The Prototype


  • Back Spazm (Double underhook lifting back breaker)
  • Final Chapter (Running knee lift to a kneeling opponent's head followed into a neckbreaker slam)
  • Straitjacket


  • Fisherman Buster
  • Duck, Bitch! (Snapmare clothesline
  • Yoshitatsu (Roundhouse)

Theme song

  • Slipknot-The Nameless (EXWF 2006)
  • Slipknot-Opium of the People (EXWF 2007)
  • Fozzy-Nameless Faceless (EXWF 2007)
  • Korn-Evolution (EXWF Onions for Sale)
  • Guerilla Radio-Rage Against the Machine (Tragic Finale Tag music)
  • Bush-Little Things (CCW Sept '08-Feb '09)(August '09-February '10)
  • Deaf Pedestrians-SPLATTER (Feb '09-August '09)
  • Evergreen Terrace-Mad World (Showdown '09)
  • Linkin Park-Bleed it Out (February '10-April '10)
  • Black Tide-Shout(May '10-Current)

Titles and Accomplishments

  • EXWF Tag Team Champion (1 time)-With Anthony Lee
  • EXWF Extreme Hardcore Champion (1 time)
  • First Wrestler seen on CCW Programming
  • First Winner of a main event on CCW Programming
  • First Winner of a main event on a CCW Free-For-View
  • First CCW Champion
  • CCW Championship (2 time)
  • First tag match winner on CCW Programming-With Matt Kuhstoss
  • CCW Sadistic Chamption (1 time)


  • Zaq Cass aspires to be a professional writer, which he used to help fuel creativity into CCW promos and storylines. He has also acted in the past, which he uses to help fuel his character's actions.
  • Zaq Cass is cousin to Backyard Legend Xcal, and prides himself on giving Xcal his first chairshot with a power ranger chair when the two were younger.
  • Zaq Cass and Xcal failed at making a federation known as Twitchy Championship Wrestling shortly before EXWF was made.
  • Zaq Cass has wrestled Anthony Lee more than anyone else
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