Collision Championship Wrestling

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Collision Championship Wrestling
Acronym CCW
Establishment 2008
Key people Bryce Meadors (Co-Founder)
Zaq Cass (Co-Founder)
Style Backyard wrestling
Wrestling base Mat
Location Greenfield, Indiana
External links CCW YouTube

Collision Championship Wrestling is a backyard wrestling federation opened in 2008 by Bryce Meadors and Zaq Cass and based in Greenfield, Indiana.



Collision Championship Wrestling started when three ex-EXWF wrestlers wanted to start their own fed. Bryce Meadors and Zachary Cass decided to co-own the fed, and decided to name it Collision Championship Wrestling. While it all seemed like a thought process for Meadors, Cass put the dream into a realization, having the third ex-EXWF wrestler, Anthony Cox, help him with some more of the major details.

Before the first official match of CCW, Bryce Meadors moved, and having little to do with the development of CCW anyway, gave full possession of CCW to Cass. Cass gave Cox partial ownership and creative control and in September of 2008, the first episode of CCW Forsaken was filmed, featuring a match between PK Gudgeon and Lydd, as well as Anthony Lee and The Finale (later going by his actual name Zaq Cass).

In August of 2009, CCW had their first Grand Stage Show "Showdown" where the winner of the Trifecta Tournament (Anthony Lee) took on FDA for the CCW World Championship. On September 6, 2009, they had their one year show. CCW has continued on into a second year


General Manager


CCW Champion: Matt Kuhstoss

(defeated Johnny Switchblade)

CCW Sadistic Champion: CJ Smith

(defeated Xcal)


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